Hey Jovan. Where You Goin’ With That Gun In Your Hand?

FROM PJTV: “Liberals like Jason Whitlock want you to believe that the NRA killed Kansas City Chiefs player Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend. Zo tells you why the NRA is not the KKK, and reminds you who is really to blame for this murder-suicide, in addition to other tragedies in black communities.”

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  • LOVE your stuff man….keep it coming!!! we need some thinkers in the world, instead of screamers and shouters!!

  • William Lee

    You will never be accepted by the MSM. You are far too logical and honest. I thank God that people like you have taken to the internet in a hope that truth will prevail . Please continue the great work you are doing,as I will continue to bring others to this site . Thank you !

  • This guy should have been our first Black President,,we would be in a bette place by now.

    • moretap

      But… we haven’t had a black president yet. Cain dropped out. Are your talking about how they all called Clinton “the first black president?”

  • Wonderful job by Zo, as always. He’s 100% right: this is typical by the Left.

    Blame the tool, not the person. Blame some GROUP…but not the person. Whatever happened to personal accountability? Not allowed, because Progressives want us to be dependent on the government. If we have individual accountability, it means we as individuals are in charge of ourselves…and that’s NOT the narrative the Left wants to project.

    This is a CULTURAL issue, not a “gun” issue. And the particular culture that abuses guns ALSO often abuses alcohol, women and drugs. These are all signs of maturity (or a lack thereof), and making appropriate decisions as an adult.

    Gun control? People have been murdered with baseball bats, hammers, cars, knives, food…and almost everything else you can name. There is no way to remove everything in society that “makes” someone kill, because the only thing that truly “makes” someone kill is that individual’s LACK of self-control.

  • Camden Coughran

    As always, you sir have hit the proverbial nail on the head (or should I say “hit the bullseye on the target”). Great stuff, so logical and informative. Keep up the great work! Can I get Weapon of A.S.S. Desctruction for my Kindle?

    • Thanks Camden! And yes, it’s on Kindle. Check my merchant page!

  • Dave Sherry

    Great comments, great perspective, don’t stop Zo!

  • Dave Sherry

    Keep your HEART ON for guns!

  • Dave Sherry

    The liberal’s desire to remove guns has nothing to do with safety! It has always and only been about controling and silencing the opposition!

  • Jennifer

    I agree. You know that old saying “Guns don’t kill people, people do.” is still true. I live in the town where the KKK was founded. Guns were used long before they existed. The guns were a form of protection not only from other people,but wild animals etc. In rural areas we have coyotes, cougars, and so on that if we didn’t have guns we would be in severe trouble. Want to know how those animals got here? US GOVERNMENT! They let out blood thirsty animals and then want to take our guns. If this stupid Planned Parenthood don’t get our young the animals they released will. We are not as dumb s they think. I am a Pro-Life Christian who will use a gun if the need be. I think if those in government offices had to live like us things would definitely change.

  • Why don’t you run for President? You have my vote!

    • moretap

      “president” Who would want that job? (yes, we should do all we can to prevent certain crazy people from getting it, but why send our best and brightest to that quagmire) Mr. Rachel is far more powerful talking openly to the culture.

  • 32 gun deaths a day, every day, in the USA. Find another “civilized” country with a death rate like that. Guns make it too easy. Guns kill 5 time as many people as knives, etc. Why not close the loopholes where any psycho or terrorist can buy an arsenal online, or at gun shows. And semi-automatics on the streets? Really? Why for? So John Hinkley could have blown Reagan and all his men to bits?

    • MyronJPoltroonian

      You and others like you always come up with that trollop’s tripe, without ever breaking the raw numbers down. The overwhelming number of such “Deaths” are committed by criminals, either on other criminals or on innocent victims. Another huge number are what are known as “Justifiable”, and most of those are done by the police attempting to stop a criminal; and a smaller number are in self defense by civilians.

  • Mike Brannick

    I recommend you read John Lott Jr’s “More Guns, Less Crime” in which he evaluates FBI crime statistics and finds states and cities with the strictest gun laws have the highest crime rates and that those crime rates went up after those laws were passed. On the other hand, states and cities with the most lenient gun laws, including “must issue” concealed carry laws have the lowest crime rates and those rates went down after the laws were passed. Additionally, studies have found that concealed carry licensed gun owners have committed crimes with those concealed weapons at a rate below 1%. If guns cause violent crime, shouldn’t these statistics be different?

  • moretap

    I don’t really like guns. But I love the NRA and those that keep and bear arms for the security of our free state. If I had to I hope I would borrow one to stand with others to defend my neighbor’s liberty. And, get this, even my neighbors that would not want to have others defend their liberty. Liberty is inalienable. The equation is really simple, more gun control = less liberty.

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