Liberal Train Wreck: Why Are Accusatory Dem Race Baiters Silent on NYC Subway Death?

FROM PJTV: “Ki Suk Han was pushed onto the subway tracks by a maniac, then commuters sat back and watched as the beloved father was killed by an oncoming train. Is racism afoot in this tragedy?”

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  • TruckinMack

    Why Are Accusatory Dem Race Baiters Silent on NYC Subway Death? Because America has become a third world country run by the Liberal Hollywood junta. Honor, Dignity, Respect? These have been replaced by political taffy pulling. It only matters ‘IF’ you are Gay, Black or Female. Like the youth of the 60’s, who began sowing the seeds of our destruction, the youth of the 00’s are finishing the job. Until Conservatives decide to fight back against our societal rot, the decay will progress. Conservatives need to start a journo-list. Conservatives need to start an Acorn. Conservatives need to finance programming that fights against the Liberal memes of the day. Alfonzo, you, and comedians like you, need to start a humor program (think SNL) dedicated to tearing down Liberal propaganda.

    • I take offense at you alluding that the hippie generation is responsible for our current situation. Most hippies valued freedom and fought against the cookie cutter image of what you should like and act like. A few vocal radical hippies, Hollywood and the media has given the Hippy movement a bad name. Just as the Tea Party has been given a bad name by the liberal media. I was a hippy during that time and proudly served my country.

    • TruckinMack

      Wolf Man, Thank-you for your service to our country. I would vehemently argue that you did not develop your staunch morality from the hippie movement (Tune in, Turn on and Drop out). There was a very strong Christian movement in the 60’s as well, but this was not the hippies. The hippies rode the Christian coattails to give voice to their anti American revolt. (Note the anti-Christian themes of todays movement.) The hippies were officially anti-big government, (which you will note is now rabidly pro-government). The Anti-Amercian revolutionary of the 60’s has not changed there goals. The have only changed clothes, shedding their cloaks of Religion and Anti Big Government. They want, no demand, Socialism, Random Sex, Drugs and Atheism.

  • Slyyder

    Alfonzo your a good man and GREAT American…run for ANY Office..we need a common sense approach to the mess America is in…and your one of those who can help…now talk about the NDAA laws…Fusion Centers..and help ME try to keep the Government off our backs..ill cover your back any day any time..Thank You….Slyyder

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