Steven Crowder, Assaulted

So wait. Isn’t Steven Crowder supposed to be one of those so called war mongering hateful republican dudes? Yet isn’t it practically always liberals who express themselves with the most hostile hateful language, ultimately start wrecking stuff, and throw the 1st punch in effect making them the actual war mongers?

  • I can’t think of how this would have gone had a gun actually been pulled.

    This is just disgraceful behavior, hands down.

  • GoGalt

    I really hope Steven uses this EVERY chance he gets and in EVERY way possible to show the hypocrisy of hate and intolerance on the left.

    How much more evidence do people need to wake up?!?!?!?

  • Rebecca

    I would have to say he showed a great deal of restraint if he had a cc and the union thugs showed a great deal of ignorance attacking someone if they thought he had a gun. Unbelievable behavior the union guys should be put in jail for assault. All Steven did was ask a question. I saw a comment on another article about this today where someone said with out the union they would not get breaks and would be forced to work 12 hour days or some such nonsense. There isn’t a place in the USA where that is legal. These guys are absolutely ignorant.

    • awrice56

      Actually, U.S. Labor laws do not regulate shift length or break times except for “Children under 16” and nursing mothers.

      12 hour shifts with out breaks are perfectly legal in any state (or city) that does not have more restrictive Labor Laws.

    • samshile

      There not legal in California. They are regularly posted on walls. I have read them myself. Every two hours requires a 10 minute break and one 1/2 hour for lunch.

    • awrice56

      The original poster said, “There isn’t a place in the USA where that is legal.”

      I was simply pointing out that, in fact, it is legal. The Federal law only deals with break times for minors and nursing women. Eight states (and some localities) have more restrictive laws, but 42 states have no break time laws at all for adult workers that aren’t nursing mothers.

    • awrice56

      Make that 9 states. I misread the notes at the bottom.

    • awrice56

      Drat! I just saw this.

      Apparently, 20 states have laws about unpaid meal periods. That first list I posted was about Paid breaks.

  • Notice the very symbol on the union members shirt is a fist? They’ve always BEEN about pushing their way through violence…strange the media always finds ways to overlook this.

  • Ge has a cc in Texas

  • The first guy said “parasitical benefits”…he most likely has no idea how right he is! LMAO!


  • Ben

    In Unionized Amerika (TM), tent pitches you.
    I wonder if charges will be pressed, and following that, will the union back its own thugs?

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