From Kira Davis: You Can’t Ban Evil

Before I watched Kira’s video I heard Obama ask, “Are we prepared to say that such violence visited on our children year after year, after year, is somehow the price of our freedom?”

The statement was a cheap shot at us conservatives. No conservative sees children as a sacrificial offering for freedom.
Democrats however, prove that children are, as Liberals are the ones who believe that freedom is validated in being free to abort a child. They’re the ones who sacrifice innocent children. Not us conservatives.

And the liberals want to assert that Obama cried while addressing this issue. Not sure if that’s true, but maybe we should get the opinion of an expert on crying. Hey Speaker Boehner! Was Obama Really crying?

But enough of what I’m saying. Here’s my friend, Kira Davis – Zo

  • Peps

    Very well put. We need to be able to protect ourselves from those who wish us harm and from the possibility of a tyrannical government trying to over take our property and freedom.

  • Tony Yankalunas

    Bravo! Well said, Kira!

  • Well Said!!!!

  • m

    how close do you really think your going to get to government when you are ready to kill?

    • Rebecca

      You will not need to get close to them they will be coming for you.

    • very close

  • I like Kira’s comment about being a slave. “If a slave had a gun, they would no longer be a slave, would they?”

  • Ali

    Initial disclaimer: I’m a Republican.

    You know who freed those slaves? The United States government. You know who I’m glad didn’t have more guns? The Confederate rebels who were fighting to keep those slaves as chattel.

    Really? This is your argument? Let thousands of people continue to die from unchecked gun violence every year just so you can have an arsenal at hand in case our freely elected government tries to rise up and enslave us? You’re making 1776 arguments in a 2012 world and I think our founding fathers would be appalled. They’d
    be appalled at our gun culture and the massive rate at which we’re killing each other and invoking their names in our paltry defense.

    Our founding fathers knew enough to know that the Constitution they left us would need to be changed as our world changes. They knew that 1776 arguments wouldn’t always be good enough. So they left us the means to change that Constitution when something about it was no longer working. Our lack of gun control is no longer working and we need to change. This system is broken. If a class full of dead kindergartners doesn’t show you that, I don’t know what will.

    • justdooit

      Disclaimer…I’m an AMERICAN…and I think you are BRAINDEAD…The system is NOT broken…EVIL is running RAMPANT…and needs to be STOPPED…Well..GOD will STOP it all, FOREVER someday…the sooner the better.

    • samshile

      What an intellectually lazy response. 90 MILLION gun owners and 300 million guns did not kill anyone. Everyone in Switzerland has a gun and only 40 gun related deaths. Look at mental health and no more gun free zones.

  • APPLAUSE! ” Rich People Get Body Guards- Poor People Get Shot !

  • Joe D Barclay

    I am sorry Kira the first and most discriminated race of people here in America and always has been the most persecuted and discriminated against are the Native Americans. I personally believe it is not only a right of American CITIZENRY but their duty to arm themselves in preparation for any hostile event even from within.

  • gonzo

    Can I get an AMEN!!!! Like I’ve always said… Laws are made for law abiding people……

  • all men and women were created equal and therefore all men and women were created with the inalienable right to protect that freedom with any defensive means necessary to not only protect their fredom bu t also the fredom of those whom they know and those whom they love.Freedom comess with enormous responsibility and I belive in my fellow Americn and his or her abili tty to for the most part assume that responsibility, with some exception.

  • Mike P

    Mom always told me that no one can fault you for telling the truth. They might not want to hear it, but they can’t fault you. This lady speaks the truth.

  • Ruby_Con

    A firearm is the great equalizer.

  • twbav8r

    Now there’s a woman after my heart!

  • RVN11B

    What a pity the morons who are out there decrying citizens owning and carrying guns, will not pay any attention to this lovely lady. Dammit where was the likes of her when I was a lot younger!!!

  • Obama and the other tyrants won’t admit that they want us disarmed so we would be easier to conquer. Kira points out that Obama’s most loyal supporters should be the ones most against gun control. We would all be slaves of the government if we were totally disarmed.

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