ZoNation: Attack On RG3. More Racism From Another Liberal

December 19, 2012 by Alfonzo Rachel

FROM PJTV: “Zo does not like talking about racism all the time, so why does he? Find out as he discusses the racist policies of the Democratic Party, in addition to the racist comments about NFL quarterback Robert Griffin, III.

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  • Patrick

    Hard hitting but right on!

  • Tony Yankalunas

    Right on, my brother! People Power!

  • http://www.beninbrown.com/ Benin (@BeninB)

    Preach it Zo!

    Another thing that’s interesting about this discussion is who are the folks that rushed out to RGIII’s defense? Conservatives. And I point this out because the liberal media complex sure as heck isn’t going to bring that up.

    But you know what’s really funny about liberal media folk like him and Adolph Reed who come out and make these sort of shallow statements? They are too blind to notice that their being puppet-ed by the liberal media complex.

    In doing so they allow themselves to be the hammer that progressives slam into the side of American greatness. What these new sell outs fail to realize is that as soon as they cease to be good hammers they’re discarded in favor of a new tool and so the cycle just continues…

    Anyhow, as always your analysis is on point! Keep em coming!