Bill Whittle: Do Liberals Like Matt Damon Want America to Run Out of Energy?

So wait a minute… Hollywood, who looks down on those redneck small town hicks, now all of a sudden wants to act like they care about them?
Matt Damon does more to poison the water than fracking does.-Zo

  • I am in no way a liberal, I support domestic energy production such as drilling in ANWR and in off-shore coastal locations, but as a life-long Texan I can say pretty conclusively that fracking DOES resulting in seismic activity. In all my 48 years in this state we have never had earthquakes, and suddenly after, what a yr and a half or two yrs, boom, earthquakes. There is clearly a correlation, if not causal relation, between the two. The question is, will it result in dangerous degrees of seismic activity? I guess the jury is still out on that one.

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