WHOA!!! Spike Lee, Kat Williams, and Zo Find Common Ground???

Quentin Tarentino has an N-word fetish, and sell outs like Samuel L. Jackson are happy to help him satisfy it.

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  • Just part of the reason I don’t really go to theaters anymore. Just another example of that typical Hollywood elitist hypocrisy that we see that the left seems to enjoy.

  • Not one dime for Hollywood slime!

  • Lucian

    You aint a sellout, Zo. You da man!

  • Rangerdadof4

    Love your stuff ZO. Just a note on forgiveness – you only need to forgive those who repent, I don’t see that from Fox, Jackson or the rest. Keep on rockin….

  • I did not get the first chapter weapon of ass destruction!

  • John Juan

    Lovin’ the ZO and Zo Nation. Go Zo, Go!

  • Camden

    As always, you have hit the target dead center… you are one of the smartest people out there, thanks for continuing to provide the best insight and information!

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