PJTV: Don’t Let Liberals Elect the First Female President!

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  • bondroid

    Sure wish you were chairman of the Republican Party. We actually might get somewhere.

  • Establishment republicans never listen. They will not listen. Very sad. 🙁

  • JDMedia

    This cat’s smart

  • sak57

    Condi Rice fits the bill, but she’s probably too smart to get mixed up in all the mess.

  • You are so “right”, in both senses of the word. I wish more people could hear your messages. I repost most of them, but I don’t have a lot of FaceBook friends, and most of the ones I have are liberals – nice people but not logical.

  • Condi Rice or Mia Love anyone? Might as well make it a double culture shock for liberals to tie themselves in knots over. Love your work Zo, spreadin it as much as I can.

  • samshile

    We have to beat the Union street campaigns. Susan Martinez is strong.

  • Zo for office 2014? 2016? Perhaps well have to just petition you on the ballot ourselves!

  • jojo

    Why not Rubio or West?

  • It’s too bad you’re not a woman Zo, you could have been the greatest first black woman president.=D

  • jsw0109

    I’ve been saying the GOP should convince Condaleeza Rice to run for president for years now. Let the thought simmer for a minute and you’re realize the brilliance.

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