The Fiscal Cliff Drama Played Like A Saturday Morning Cartoon

FROM PJTV: “The fiscal cliff negotiations unfolded like an episode of the Road Runner, except in this episode, the Road Runner was played by the private sector, and Wylie E. Coyote was played by the federal government. Hear more about how the Republicans negotiated a deal that resulted in more debt and higher taxes, on this ZoNation.

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  • We need to get rid of Beohner.

  • LOL…We need to get rid of all of them! 😉

  • The problem is within the government is the party system. It has been the bane of the unintelligible lazy Americans who would rather sit on their collective fat asses and let someone else take care of their dead lazy drug addicted terroristic butts. I say shoot them all and start alll over without parties or corruption.

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