From Hollywood: Demand the Government Have More Power Over You

“I get to kill a bunch of white people”

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  • LMD

    From an ass who thinks obama is the all mighty GOD. Yeah, I’ll listen to what this jerk has to say. I want to know how much $$$$$$ he has made on movies where guns were used? How about the one where he used a bomb to blow someone up?

    • I guess the concept of comedy isn’t understood in some circles, especially when it comes from a person like Jamie who you don’t like to begin with.

  • Fully agree, and really like that shirt.

  • Camden

    Another awesome commentary! I have that same shirt…

  • Brilliantly done!! He nails so many point is such a short time. A people who surrenders their rights and freedoms in the name of safety and security will soon discover that they have neither.

  • Keep speaking the truth Alfonzo! I want your t-shirt!!

  • fights

    How do we get Alfonzo’s message out there to the masses like the “celebrities”? He is incredibly awesome! He speaks for ME!

    • I get his messages out on Facebook and by email to everyone that I can. I do that with all of the conservative videos and articles I can lay my hands on. The internet is our best tool for spreading the truth. Use it!

  • So very well stated, Zo, as usual. I’m so very proud that of all the “stars” shown in the clip, I only recognized four and that of those four, I have only watched one with any enthusiasm.

  • You know Hollywood is not generally known as a peace-loving, peaceful place, the violence in LA and in the TV shows and movies made for the population are full of the degradation of the Human person. Look at shows like Homeland, Dexter, The Sopranos, etc. etc. etc. They marginalize the effects of murder. They even go so far as to make evil people our “HEROES”, the plan should be to foster Love and I am not talking about sex. I am talking about movies that don’t desensitize us to the violence, shows that show respect for others, love for others, forgiveness, and unity in the name of Peace. No matter how many laws you enact or try to shove down people’s throats to take away the guns violence will persist because we have not the morals or the foundation to Love one another. I say that in order for us to get back our nation from the brink of destruction it’s going to take a major overhaul in our attitudes towards watching shows loaded with Gun Violence and gore. We need to create a demand for wholesome Loving and Caring towards our neighbors and towards each other. How will our government’s plans stop criminals from doing bad things??? They won’t! We need to root out the cause of the violence be it mental illness, lack of education, lack of respect for life out of the indifference for it in our laws which legalize abortion and turn a blind eye to euthanasia and lets murderers go free. Promote life, make it your priority Hollywood and own the mess which you have made by escalating violent programming.

  • armynod


  • Apparently ALMOST EVERYONE in this great country is afraid of Der Furher Heir Obama ! The person they should fear and loath is the former NAZI George Soros who is pulling the Obama puppet strings !!! Soros has Obama running the Hitler play book by the numbers… it is ALMOST time for him to declare total power . There is already a move to amend the constitution to allow Obama to run for an indefinite number of terms. The only thing left is to DISARM the American Citizens!! Registration is the FIRST step to totally disarming the citizens. Thus rendering We the People virtually helpless against Obama and his thugs.. The only change will ge the targets of his hatred along with probably the Jews (again) will be the Conservatives, Libertarians and anyone who does not agree with Obamas absolute rule! The Military you say They will stop him ! If you really believe that you are indeed naïve! As HITLER did he will politely and quietly advise the military that if they fail to follow orders their FAMILIES safety will be at stake. Firth to the camps and then ….. if you still refuse to follow orders you AND your family will disappear !!! Still think the military will jump to your rescue? Some will but many more will opt to save their families.

    “All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution, are null and void from inception.” – Chief Justice John Marshall, Marbury v. Madison


  • TJ

    As a student of history, I would like to mention that in addition to all of Alfonzo’s excellent points, during the 2nd World War the Japanese did not attack mainland U.S.A. because they were aware that Americans owned guns and would use them. How many other enemies may have come to the same conclusion? Our cities and counties have huge budget concerns. They are cutting back on police protection and we will be obliged to pick up the slack. Guns were confiscated in Germany during the 1930’s. That did not end very well, we should have learned from their mistake. By the way, more people have been killed by hammers than guns.

  • “I get to kill a bunch of white people”, actual quote, “I get to kill a bunch of white people in this movie”. Great job in not covering the full quote, very dishonest. Thought you were different from the politicians, almost got me for a second.

  • TheSunDidIt

    He should “rap” his logic and wake up the young people. He definitely clarifies the lies of the administration and the follywood elite quickly enough.

  • Jason L

    if conservatives are so religious and view the 10 commandments as absolute truth, why are they so against gun bans? if you kill someone it doesnt matter the circumstances… didnt jesus preach turning the other cheek? it takes a solid stance of nonviolence from one party for real change to be had in society. guns only lead to one result, death. it doesnt matter if you were protecting yourself. you still killed someone by pulling the trigger. and dont get me started about guns being used for “sport” please… hypocrites.

    • Brooklynresident

      Jesus was talking to the disciples. “Look, Master, here are two swords.” “It is enough.”

      This was to defend Him against assassination. When He saw in Gethsemane that it was clear that arrest for a trial was their aim, he told his disciples to put the swords away.

      A man would strike a slave or servant, disdainfully, with the back of his hand. If you turned your cheek, custom demanded that he strike you with the open hand. Such a blow was reserved–for equals. So he had to stop, –or admit you were his equal.

      There’s all kinds of nuances in the Bible folks never DREAM of today.

  • Brooklynresident

    I didn’t even want to look at his video. Tell you what. If Hollywood REALLY wants a gun ban, let them make all their movies…without ANY guns. Start with Django. Then the Bourne identity series. Then Inglorious Basturds. No war movies, no westerns, no detective shows, NONE of it, with ANY guns. Oh, and ditch Ed Gein. Just give us…Barney and Teletubbies. That’s about all they’d know how to do.

    Oh, yeah. And porn. I forgot.

    You can still have those chick flicks with Cher and Julia Roberts, –and Woody Allen movies. You know, where boring liberals talk to each other.

  • Brooklynresident

    Read all the comments, watched the video. One smart dude. Watch it, share it.

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