You’re Going to Hell If You Watch This Video!


Of course nobody is going to make a video that’s going to come without criticism. That comes with the territory. And the artist has to know when to concede to certain critiques, and make adjustments, or when to defend the product and not let other people’s criticism change them into whom they want the artist to be, instead of the artist being true to the talent given.

As a Christian artist, my efforts are in promoting Christian conservatism in the culture. It’s a tricky job! On one side you have secularist who prefer self satisfaction over salvation, and on the other side there are some Christians who make people feel judged.

Of course I’m going to say in my fellow Christian’s defense, people are often really defensive anyway and are quick to feel judged.

We’ve all done things we feel really low about from one degree to another, and can be really sensitive about things.

With that, they feel the eyes of judgement on them, when often it’s judgement they’re imposing on themselves, while assuming it’s others judging them.

But anyway. One of the reasons why people avoid Christianity is because they believe that Becoming a Christian means the party is OVER!!!

A big part of the reason I made this video was to show the contrary.

We still get together! We still have a good time! The women can have on swimwear and are not be treated like sex objects. We don’t glorify alcoholic indulgence. At the end of our get together there’s not going to be anybody laying face down in their own puke, or waking up next to some strange person who’ll make them wanna puke.

I’m having more fun in life than I’ve ever had while I was gettin’ high and skirt chasin’. I still like to dance, I still like to ROCK, And My wife is all the groupie I need! ; ) In Christ I still get to do all these things! The freedom is amazing!!!

So y’all, we’re not a bunch of heathens dancing around in the video with women trying to reveal as much as possible, while guys push up on ’em like they’ve been in prison for five years.

The women are pretty and they look good in their swim wear. That doesn’t sexualize our video. Would Y’all prefer we had women who looked like Debbi Wasserman Shultz in swimwear dancing in the vid? Or would y’all feel better if it were just nothing but guys in the vid?

That would be awkward…

In short. I totally understand that this video may be out of the comfort Zone for some Christians. But I have to ask, does this video really cross the line? Really? Please don’t take my response as being contentious. I respect and appreciate the value of morality. I hope Christians who feel at odds with our video will take this as constructive dialogue. HEAR’S THE ZONATION VIDEO COMMENTARY

And here’s the music video in case you haven’t seen it.



  • I wasn’t offended, but you’re right people often find reasons to be offended or attempt to find the negative in things. Enjoyed the song!

  • I liked the video and the music Zo. I don’t know what the big deal is because I see plenty of Christians at the beach getting a lot more risque’ than this video. We as Christians seem to strain at a nat and swallow a camel so many times. My family band consist of half of my black family and half of my white family and here in the good ol Bible belt you should see the looks we get. We got the entire libtard army coming at us and we still have not learned to work together as the body of Christ. I hope we can get over these silly differences soon because we got some work to do. Keep Rockin Zo
    Tom Walker

  • Kinda funny how you have to defend the video to your fellow Christians because you are nervous about their judgement. I think that brings up a good point. Your quote about how you want to show that being Christian doesn’t mean “the party is over” is interesting as well. Even though I agree with you on that quote, obviously the party is over for a bunch of them and that’s why you are putting up that disclaimer. I hope you can change things because that’s why they say “religion is old for drawing the young” there is too many fire and brimstone Christians out there. That being said, I like the song and the video. Very Living Colour because of the sound not the ethnicity. The bass line reminded me of the the Cult of Personality run they play in that song over and over. Not a bad band to be compared to in the slightest. I don’t think Jesus intended for people to attempt to get their only pleasure out of church and church functions. It bothers me when other Christians pretend that those activities are more fun than what going on in this video for instance. Just because you are Christian doesn’t mean the music you listen to has to be boring and predictable. If I was Jesus I’d be upset over Christian music because it normally is awful and turn people away. This, not at all.

  • Thank you for opening this up for discussion. While there is much freedom in Christ, we must also “Beware lest somehow this liberty of yours become a stumbling block to those who are weak.” 1 Cor 8:9 By no means am I saying that Christians must cater to every person out of some overwhelming fear they will cause someone to stumble. I also highly disagree with those who proclaim that Christian Rock/Rap/Metal are ungodly and sinful. I personally love everything from The Inspirations to Toby Mac to Casting Crowns to RED. (Oh, and this song, too!)

    While watching the video I couldn’t help but wonder why it was necessary to the message of the song for there to be close-up shots of girls in revealing bathing suits. With the culture so saturated with sex, isn’t this the time to be salt & light; and be in the world, but not of it? As the world continues to push for the sexualization of our children at younger and younger ages, Christians can, and should, permeate the culture with a distinctly different message. It doesn’t have to be prudish, but what have we gained by allowing the bar to be lower, rather than making the case for the culture to come higher?

    Thanks again for allowing/having this discussion. God Bless

  • Gretchen

    Not my type of music – I couldn’t understand some of what the singer was saying. But from what I could understand and from what I saw in the video, there was absolutely nothing bad. The message was positive and the video was respectful. Not everyone is going to like the same types of music, and I totally respect you for reaching out to those who do listen to the heavier, metal music, in order to expose them to a positive message. God bless you.

  • The video was AWESOME…!

  • My first thought…. Psalm 100!

    People get their knickers in a twist over the least thing, and call themselves Christians. Pfft! Personally, I like it. I just wish I understood all the words. Heh. You know what they say…’if it’s too loud, you’re too old’. Yep….coming from someone who listened to Led Zepellin, Jethro Tull, Jimi Hendrix, etc, and going even FARTHER back…. Old would be the keyword.

    Keep it up! You guys are terrific!

  • Your East Coast fogy needs to add his two cents. My son Tim, who is a 26 year old in the Army, and his 58 year old old man, watched your vid together. Guess what? We both enjoyed it! Good message, good music, and good times at the pool-what’s not to like? Years ago(ah, youth!), I sang and played sax in a “progressive’ Christian band. We not only played cover and did a few originals, but put a rock twist on some standard hymns and gospel tunes. I found it amusing how the young enjoyed it and actually got into worship through it, but as the age went up the acceptance went down. Funny, I thought we were supposed to grow as we age, not become more narrow-minded.

    There are some Christian band I don’t care for-punk comes to mind- but that is a matter of personal taste. Bottom line? If you don’t like it, don’t listen to it or watch it, but stop judging it!!! In my own weird personal view, I sometimes wonder… Jesus could have hung out longer than He did, but maybe left us sooner so as not to turn into an grumpy old Pharisee…

  • James

    I’m a 76 year old southern man with civil war heritage. I like your videos and your band. Rock and roll is not new to churches in my hometown. Our big church downtown has a teen and young people building called the Hangar. They have a somewhat different service than the main body of the church. They play their rock and roll morally clean music and dress casually. I think it’s great to reach the youth like that. Keep up the good work,

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