Bill Maher Helping To Show It Pays To Be Backward Minded In America.

FROM PJTV: “HBO’s Bill Maher made a fool of himself again, this time by insulting Christians. Hear how AlfonZo Rachel feels about Bill Maher’s comments against the Bible, ON THIS ZONATION!

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  • Daniel Sinclair

    I don’t see an embedded video on this page

    • domsdad6

      Click “ON THIS ZONATION”

  • Jason L

    he was making a joke against fundamental christianity and the bible. basically saying that you have to be high to literally believe that everything in the bible is a true story rather than moral metaphor

    • adcbeast

      But even taking things as a metaphor is weak ..

  • samshile

    Wow Zo, the Richard Pryor scene was moving. NIce touch.

    • adcbeast

      Richard Pryor would turn over in his grave

  • MormonYoYoMan

    Man, if only the various networks could realize what they’re missing by not replacing Bill Maher (and his types) with Alfonzo Rachel!

    • adcbeast

      Alonzo doesn’t know how clueless he really is buying into this Christian crap

  • adcbeast

    Nobody can make themselves a bigger fool than Christians … believing in something that doesn’t exists makes you a huge fool …

    Let’s look at the facts

    1) You’ve never seen a God .. a God has never made its presence know to you ..

    No .. you thinking you are having an epiphany is not God showing its presence .. that is just you being God in your own head .. We need empirical evidence people … not what you “believe”

    2) Blacks claiming “I condem homosexuality because it’s in the bible” need to say this phrase to themselves

    “I support slavery because it’s in the bible” … Oh wait a minute …

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