Republicans, Losing Lincoln To Liberals.

Cinton giving a speech on Lincoln at the Golden Globe Awards

FROM PJTV: “The Democratic Party opposed President Lincoln and just about every other civil rights advance in the United States. So what gives the Democrats and Hollywood liberals the right to claim Abraham Lincoln as their president? Hear what AlfonZo Rachel thinks.”

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  • Zo and the Colonel, can you beat it? 🙂

  • Maybe Col. West is looking for a VP for 2016!

  • mark jolliff

    Props Zo! Allen West in your vid is great! Good to see good conservatives stand shoulder to shoulder for this great nation!

  • I would love the priveledge and honor of meeting you and your family some day,Oh and by the way you make a very good point. Where are the republicans? Are they trying to hide in their beds with their bankies pulled up over their heads to protect them? Just a thought..

  • sybil kizer

    Col. West – PLEASE run for POTUS in 2016!

  • sybil kizer

    Zo, keep stepping on toes, SOMEBODY has to.

  • ocdmusician

    Yea, man….I will stand with you and Alan West ANY DAY!

    Use that 20 lb Sledge on some of those toes. It’s wimpy, liberal Republican Eunuchs (oops! Is it ok to step on those toes? I thought so. 😉 that let us get into this disaster.

    One compromise on “No new taxes” is where we started over the cliff. No matter what Slicky Willie Clinton claims about “his” economy.

    NO compromise on the Dec of Ind., the Constitution, Character and American Values as originally intended. “Power corrupts…” etc. We are seeing that on TV every day and it makes me wanna puke.

    The obamanation is deolating our constitution. If he was smart, I would tempted to think he was the Anti-Christ. (‘The” rather than just anti-Chrisitan, which is blatantly obvious.)

    Thanks for putting the word out….the RIGHT Word!

  • You’re right on time with this one Zo! Oh my, watching Allen West now. What a timely development!

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