Tough Love

A lot of republicans and libertarians aren’t gonna like what I have to say, but I don’t like what a lot of them are doing.

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  • Micky

    Bravo Zo. It’s one thing for the conservative Republicans to lack a backbone, but when they became infiltrated with libertarians (including on your own PJMedia) we have a problem.


    Mr. Rachel, couple questions for your. 1) Do you believe that the Republican party has given up states rights as an arguement 2) Do you really believe that true libertarians simpathize with the ideals of slavery and that portion of the old confederacy? 3) Do you think it’s wise to try and alienate or purge libertarians and those libertarian leaners from the GOP?
    I don’t belive that the GOP has given up states rights as they often invoke them to defend against intrusions from the federal government (i.e. tradiational marriage, abortion, healthcare, etc…)
    Libertarians hold that the maximization of both civil liberty and economic liberty is paramount in socirty. Considering the civil liberty tenant, saying that we’re “neo-confederates” that harken back to slavery is off-base, to put it mildly.
    The GOP has lost races for the presidency, and senate in the past two election cycles, while holding onto the house by a modest margin. If the GOP decides it wants to purge libertarians and libertarian leaners, then the GOP will be permanently relegated to a minority or regional party that can no longer contend on the national level. You would need to divest yourself of the likes of Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Ran Paul, and a host of others to achieve this goal.
    I generally agree with you on most points, but trying to run down the followership of Ron Paul and other libertarians is a bad idea.
    In Liberty,

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