Happy Anniversary, Unborn Victims of Abortion


FROM PJTV: Were you creeped out by the pro-choice video that makes abortion look sexy and beautiful? AlfonZo Rachel was, and he brings you this video in response.



By the way, I’m sure they also would like everyone to forget about this video too.



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  • reshas1


  • she has repented of her sins. Her strength to speak out is like the LIGHT that shines in the darkness. It will always overcome evil

  • MMSands

    Thanks, Alonzo. See, this is what was wrong with the film about Lincoln. Not once did it so much as allude to the main argument the Pro-Slavery folk used — namely, that black people weren’t actually human, so it was perfectly ethical to treat ‘them’ just like any of their other animals. (Of course, women became chattel of their husbands upon marriage too, which might be awkward if one thought about it, but no one did much until the 1970’s. In case anyone here didn’t know, that’s why divorce could only be initiated by the woman in two states until the 1970’s. Women in Nevada and Florida remained human even after they were “known” by men in those two states. Everywhere else and until then, women became their husbands’ chattel property upon marriage. Well, of course your car can’t divorce you — even though you can sell the car if you want to, or neglect its care and upkeep. It’s up to you to dispose of your property as you wish. But I digress.) Here’s the thing: human nature doesn’t change. People argue the same points over and over again, but simply change the focus of their arguments. Is the mother the only one in a position to make the decision? Absolutely — but it still means taking a human life. Even Progressives have Baby Showers, not Extraneous Tissue Showers. No one expects to give birth to the Cadillac of their dreams, Liberals put earphones on Mom’s tummy and play endless hours of Bach and Mozart (or P Didddy and Beyonce, Rascal Flatts and Patsy Cline, Metallica and Ozzy Osbourne, or The Grateful Dead and The Grateful Dead…Well, you get the picture.) If a baby is wanted and a drunk driver kills the unborn child but not the mother, the drunk is charged with manslaughter, but if the baby is not wanted, it’s “just a tumor.” Hunh? If a woman is in touch with her own body, she generally knows the instant she becomes pregnant, and communicates with who she knows to be another consciousness inhabiting her body. And while, as I did say, the mother is the only one in a position to make the final call, making an informed decision means including the not so pleasant parts of abortion in the counseling. It means showing actual sonograms taken during abortions, video of the disposal of the fetuses, conversations with late term abortion survivors, moral and ethical arguments Pro and Con, etc.etc.etc. One wonders whether, in 100 years or so, those who have had or who have performed abortions won’t be viewed by Public Opinion in much the same way as slave owners of the 1700’s are viewed today by Progressives and their Endless Public Opinion. (Not if Spielberg can help it, obviously.) Sorry about the mini-essay, but thanks for bringing up the points that you did.

  • Christopher Bowen

    Zo, that was priceless, thank you and God bless you!

  • Alfonzo- this is perfect! But even your laughter shows that you are a good man- sorry, you can’t hide that- your parody doesn’t give me the creeps like the ‘real’ video

  • OMG, I came here thinking this a joke…it’s for REAL?!

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