MSNBC interviews Ryan Bomberger of The Radiance Foundation

  • SP_Batman

    The problem with this segment was that it was aired on Saturday, when no one watches the news, especially MSNBC. He did a great job in schooling the interviewer though. He should have let Ryan tell where he got his facts though. To cut him off before he can say where he got his info makes him appear less credible or he’s just making things up.

  • Dizzychik

    LOVE!LOVE!LOVE!It’s hard to argue with someone who actually knows what he’s talking about!!Love how he wiped the floor with that guys pitiful little fake poll,choosing instead to cite a “real “poll” that actually carries some weight.Thanks for bringing him to our attention.Keep up the good work.

  • Tre404

    We need more men like Ryan Bomberger in this world!! God bless him!

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