Double Illegal Immigration Rant Dosage

Just thought I’d run these by ya, being that the issue is heating up again.

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  • EBlake

    As always ZO your right on the money.

  • slyyder are respecting the Constitution…i HAVE YOUR
    BACK…ALWAYS…on the way…I’M A WHITE GUY hahahaha..keep it
    up Brother…I’m a Vietnam Veteran…spent a longgggggggg time there and
    not behind a desk…ask me how to help..i’ll be there…again THANK YOU BIG TIME

  • Gregory Allan Martyn

    You live in Torrance? I use to live on Hawthorne and PCH. I now live 8in Boise, Idaho. Keep up the good work.

  • ZO… this was SO good, shared on google and Facebook… hope it goes VIRAL… and btw you clean up nice… very handsome looking young man.

  • Okay, am I the only one who’s seeing nothing but the “Roe Vs Wade anniversary parody” video on every page. There’s two here.

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