PJTV: America Gone Psycho: Why Do Liberals Resist Securing the Border?

FROM PJTV: “Zo thinks there is a simple solution to illegal immigration: better border security. So why do liberals resist securing the border? Could it be that liberals don’t want immigration reform, just an additional issue over which to divide the nation and grow government? Find out on this ZoNation?”

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  • Josh Jones

    They want move “citizens” they can keep down, then promise the world to so they get elections. Same thing they’ve been doing since they lost the Civil War.

  • Sheldon

    Isn’t it odd for people who claim to favor individual liberty and limited government to at the same time fret that people “cross our border” without government permission? Why would anyone need the government’s permission to cross an arbitrary political boundary? What happened to natural rights? And why would self-proclaimed champions of the free market demand harsh penalties for employers who dare to hire people who haven’t first gotten permission from the government to live and work here? Employment is peaceful exchange. Where does the government get the moral authority to regulate exchange?

    • MJ2KB

      nice try but it is not an arbitrary political boundary. citizens of the USA have rights and responsibilities and are subject to the laws of the United States. illegal aliens want the benefits of citizenship but refuse to follow our laws. people who want to emigrate to the USA legally are welcome to do so. liberals like to pretend that there is no difference between legal and illegal immigration but there is, one is illegal…

    • samshile

      Strawman! Limited government does not equal anarchy. Sheldon I don’t want criminals nor terrorists gathering at your home. As president err Captain Obvious says “we need a balanced and responsible approach”.

    • When one of your “peaceful exchange” illegals takes a job that a bonafide American citizen needs, then it ceases to be a “peaceful exchange”. Why in the world do you have more compassion for people who do not belong here than for someone born here? Using your “logic” (or lack thereof), if I break into your home and begin living there, you have no right to complain because I’m just trying to better my life.

  • TruckinMack

    Still a long row left to hoe, Alfonzo. Keep planting seeds. Liberals / Liberalism have morphed into pure evil. They don’t want to hear or see or speak of anything but state/union supremacy over all of our lives. Oddly, this probably all started when the Supremes kicked God out of the public arena. 40 years later the US culture has become a narcisitic, atheist, socialist state. From the greatest country in the history of the world into a doormat for the Communist and Muslim states. Wow, did that happen fast!

  • AWESOME commentary! I have said the LIBERALS are the ones who divide us into “groups”. I pray folks listen to you Zo!

  • timduck

    Cross any other “arbitrary political boundary” in the world and notice what happens.

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