Cyber-Prez, Bill Whittle: THE VIRTUAL INAUGURAL 2013

The Virtual President outlines the three essential qualities needed for the Pursuit of Happiness in Modern America, and sets a challenge to free entire generations of Americans.

  • Cathy Shepherd

    I have been waiting for this with bated breath since Mr. Whittle announced that he planned it. He has a talent, a gift, an ability to get to the crux of a matter and state it in a way we all can understand. Kudos for a wonderful speech that I will share with everyone I can. Looking forward to more of this!

  • greenroughneck

    Bill Whittle for POTUS!

    • Country Lady

      He definitely has my vote!

  • Jim Bland

    What a magnificent job you have done Bill! It is so sad that your truths will never enter the hearts of the politicians that are running our beautiful country into the ground. Our only hope is a return to the core values of the founding fathers – a task that now seems out of reach. Should you ever decide to run for office, you have my vote!

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