Chris Rock Wants You to Shut Up and Obey the President

Chris Rock thinks we should all support President Obama on gun control because the president is “our boss.” What does AlfonZo Rachel think of this?

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  • He can stick his head up his ass

  • We’re the president’s boss…..

  • robgc11

    Isn’t the president a public servant?

    • WASP

      On paper, all these self-serving spineless crooks in gummint are public servants. In reality the taxpayer is THEIR servant. There’s about 500 + weasels in the District of Criminals who need tried and if convicted, hanged for treason. When we have Civil War II, we can get on with that.

  • Melissa

    As always enjoyed the video:) read weapons of A.S.S destruction….loved it!

  • real American

    Chris Flock I mean Rock u not funny anymore u suck u obey him

  • ken vaughan

    isn’t that what the russians (communists) used to call Stalin. They simply called him “the boss”.

  • Zo: you got the meaning of ‘well regulated’ all wrong. That term refers to how skilled and ‘practiced’ the militia members are. So well regulated = ability to hit targets effectivly.

  • did he not look like a deer in the headlights?

  • zo you get it right everytime.

  • he might be yours but not ours


  • RGS48

    You must obey our King George. Oh wait our fore fathers freed us from that tyrant.

  • James

    The guy on the video… “Word”! All of the congressmen, all the senators, all the Dems and Repubs need to be taught by this guy what it’s about.

  • Chris is not going to say much, because he doesn’t know much. “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” -Abraham Lincoln And, for Tony, “There is no fool like an old fool.”

  • Someone with a brain

    Chris Rockhead should go back to the homeland. .. What a Moron..

  • Bought the audio book….excellent.

  • LPeters

    Alfonso you are right on the money. Keep your voice loud and strong my friend

  • Hey there boy, ya ain’t got no boss no mo, get yo black butt & yo mind set off the plantation.

  • lakeside227

    Zo, another awesome video! You are so right, well regulated doesn’t mean regulations imposed by the government. The Constitution and Bill of Rights explicitly tell the government what it CAN’T do to the citizens. it makes no sense to warn the government against infringing on the right to keep and bear arms, and also say – except for government regulations. Militias were self-regulated, meaning they were responsible for their own training, practicing, and being in good working order. If the FFs had used ‘well self-regulated’ it would have been so much clearer to everyone. As always, you speak the truth, thank you!

  • Cyn

    Let me see… Obama won’t protect my children, but instead takes away MY means to protect them – He
    may be YOUR DADDY, Chris Rock – but he’s not MY DADDY!

  • oldtimer532

    Alfonso,you are so right. Chris Rock knows as much about politics and the Constitution as a pig knows about Sunday. I wish these entertainers would save their political opinions for the voting booth.

  • Furious citizen pilot

    He is just a typical idiot Hollywood liberal like Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin, et al.

  • Simon lomax

    Chris rock is pretty dumb isn’t he. Really dumb. Nice site

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