How Liberals Like Chris Rock Help Me Be Glad I’m A Conservative Republican.

Ok Y’all,

I’ve told ya a lot about why I’m a conservative,

I’ve even made an audio book that gives a lot of
insight on my position as a conservative.

And I’m a conservative cause I like it,

but I gotta tell y’all.

Liberals have a lot to do with I’m a conservative, too.

To their credit they really help me appreciate being a conservative,

and I’m a conservative for obvious reasons… FOR MORE, CLICK HERE FOR ZONATION VIDEO!

  • Jay

    I’ve always thought Rock to be a bit of a racist. Then, in the first Madagascar movie, he coined the phrase “cracka lackin”. Cracker Lacking? Is that why he was so excited to be marooned on the island?

    • cracka lackin was not a reference to whites. Get over yourself.

  • Zo, Chris Rock dishes it to everybody. Racist ass “crackas” ig’nit ass “niggas”. The only victim are descent folk who are in a situation where they have to share an environment with either. “I love black people, but I hate niggas. Boy, I wish I could join the Ku Klux Klan”! Does that sound like somebody who thinks blacks are victims? The biggest sissy is you, the way you whine about liberals. Whaaa, liberals, whaaa! But I like that because we’re winning the arguments.

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