Liberals In The Corner Of Christopher Dorner

FROM PJTV: Liberals are such hypocrites about violence. When one of their own, Chris Dorner, recently went on a killing spree, many of the left thought he was a rock star. Professor Marc Lamont Hill even went so far as to say he was a kind of superhero. Find out what AlfonZo Rachel thinks about all this on this Zo Nation.

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  • Ken Miller

    I know you acknowledged that there are plenty of heroes you’re leaving out, but I’d look into Dorie Miller, if I were you.

    • AlfonZo Rachel

      Thanks Ken! But you don’t have to be me. I am familiar with Dorie Miller, why are you implying that I’m not?

  • Judy

    Right on the mark, Zo!!

  • Alan Googleman

    Don’t trust the REPUBLICANS to do anything to derail the Progressive Agenda, Zo… TIME FOR A NEW DIRECTION and new leadership.

    • AlfonZo Rachel

      Leadership? Looking for a politician to lead me is already the wrong direction. They’re not supposed to lead us. They’re job is to represent us and maintain our rights to lead our own pursuits. Why start with a new party that doesn’t understand that? I’d rather stick to restoring that understanding that the republican party was founded on. But indeed Alan, Too much of the Republican party has lost the way.

    • David Atherton

      Right there is why we love you, Zo! Wrong is wrong no matter who does it. I’m sick and tired of hearing people say we need “leaders”. That is the last thing we need. We need people who will do what we tell them. Politicians are our employess, not leaders.

  • Pat Jones

    Okay, so Zo… I love your videos. But after the ‘liberals-cover-their-ears’ thing at about 1 min. 15 sec., I have to take a time out and pull myself together so I can even CONCENTRATE on the rest of what you have to say. Okay, I think I’m pulled together enough…

    • AlfonZo Rachel

      LOL! Thanks for watching, Pat!

  • Bill Tripodi

    He is Great!

  • Dodger Matt

    That just makes him a shiny nut. LOL.

  • Jeffrey Brown

    Zo, I love your videos, and you put many things in prospective for me and other republican friends I talk to about you videos. Thank you very much!

  • Pam Marshall

    Thank you for your commentary. Dorner had legal recourse if he really was wronged. He lost my sympathy the minute he decided to kill the families. Not sorry at his ending.

  • Villegas Daniel Holguin

    Dont trust a Democrat or a Republican…or ______.

  • dr. theo

    You give Prof. Hill way too much credit. I mean, a PhD in African studies? He’s a self-promoting poser. Alfonzo, you could wipe the floor with Hill. And what about Dr. Ben Carson? Now that’s an impressive mind. I like Fox News and O’Reilly most of the time, but I’ll not tolerate another minute of Marc Lamont Hill. When I hear his voice or see his face, I’ll go right to the weather channel.

  • koala

    Do not forget Waco and Ruby Ridge. Liberals exacting deadly violence against innocent people and no outcry.

  • Brian L

    This was goddamn awesome. Thank you sir.

  • Mark Martin

    Good one, Zo. You know that, I’m just joining the crowd here. ZERO TOL FOR ALL CAPS YAY!

  • Tonya Lindler

    Thank you for yet another great video!

  • samshile

    “Right there is why we love you, Zo! Wrong is wrong no matter who does
    it. I’m sick and tired of hearing people say we need “leaders”. So Zo, what is your response to Herman Cain promoting the “we need leadership” we have a lack of leadership” he espouses? He said it just this week on the Factor.

  • John Henry

    Love your vids…wish they’d put you on cable TV…

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