Black Conservatives: Discussing The Racist Roots Of Gun Control

Conservative African-American leaders spoke out against President Barack Obama’s call for more Gun Control on Friday, some saying the proposed measures have “racist” origins.

Read more and see the video at the DAILY CALLER.

  • YelowJezamin

    I read about this on the JFPO – Jews For the Preservation of Gun Ownership – about 8 years ago. If people actually do their research and read their history, they’ll understand that Barack Obama – like Jesse Jackson and other liberal Democrats – are in it for POWER – power over not only whites but their fellow blacks. I am from SC, where the elected blacks pretend to care about their race, but repeatedly encourage them to become dependent on the State as well as uneducated, incompetent and absent fathers and family members. This is why SC is a ‘downward spiral’ state – and why I got the hell out.

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