The Bible Doesn’t Say Anything About Abortion So It Must Be Ok?


People who support abortion sometimes argue that there is no reference to abortion in the Bible. Zo refutes these arguments. Hear how on this ZoNation.

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  • PuddleSnake

    There is a plethora of references to and the punishment for – murder. Regardless of what these buffoons claim, abortion is murder.

    • Terry Harguess


  • Slyyder


  • Barzillai53


    • Barzillai53

      Sorry. This is the emoticon for ‘Thumbs up’. God bless you, Zo!

  • rangerwife

    The verse about blessings and curses being set before us was about God’s instructions, the Torah. Choose life meant to choose to follow God’s instructions (Torah) and we would be blessed, and cursed (death) if we don’t choose to follow it. The instructions included not killing (abortion), and we are seeing the curses come upon this nation for us turning away from God’s Word (Torah)! Turn back to God’s perfect instructions and repent of rebelling against Him and His Torah if we as a nation are to be saved! We have sinned by saying God’s law was “bondage” and did away with it…then we are shocked when sin abounds among the lawless? Repent God’s people and turn back to His ways!

    • zappo777

      We as the SAVED–Know GOD! God places his LAWS in our HEARTS and we live to keep his commandments—–King David said—“The LORD said to my LORD, sit at my RIGHT HAND while I make a FOOTSTOOL of your enemies!” Isaiah 53 has reported the Messiah—I am a Messianic Jew and through the HOLY SPIRIT see the stage being set up for the End Times—-God is not MOCKED, Wrath will He repay for the Wickedness in this world….God is omnipresent Satan is not!! Glory to God!!

    • zappo777

      And REMEMBER—Jesus said after His Resurrection, I go to the “RIGHT HAND of the FATHER”—-Truth be TOLD!!

  • Angie

    thank you for your message, I love ow you reason through the scripture. I am sharing this on FB, although so many times I see hardened hearts that like you said just refuse to see. I seem to clear out a thread every time I join one. I just keep doing it in hopes that even 1 may come to see truth and repent. Keep serving!

  • CeeDee

    As you continue the discussion remind folk of Proverbs 6:17 – God hates the shedding of innocent blood.

  • Veronica Lee


  • nonbornking

    vid won’t play. I OFTEN have trouble with any vid from YouTube, started after Google bought YouTube (and this happens on multiple computers of various ages and at different locations). Can you offer vids in some other way?

  • zappo777

    To those people who say abortion is not in bible—-never read or know whats in bible!!!! –God sad ” I know you before you were conceived”—- Jesus said, “You offend the least of the little ones, it would be better for you to tie a rope around your neck and the other end around a millstone and throw it in the middle of the ocean!!” To kill an innocent is “MURDER”—To kill a MURDERER—is JUSTICE—to know the difference is wisdom—-comes from the “FEAR of the LORD, and to depart from EVIL–(ABORTION) is understanding!!!”

    • Terry Harguess

      Well Said.

  • Terry Harguess

    May God Bless & Keep You! :)