Obama’s SuckWester. By: RIGHT TO CARRIE

FROM CJ Rachel

B.O. really stunk last weak

Alright people, Obama has set the narrative for the next match in the ongoing quest to save the country. In his press conference last Friday, he basically said whenever you hear a piece of economic news over the next six months, you’ll know it could have been better. You see, he tried to save Americans from the Republican sequester but in the end, Republicans just like to see people suffer. Mark Levin predicted this the night before the Republican sequester was to begin last week in his show. He basically said the economy is flat, it’s not doing anything due to Obama’s policies, so with all the forthcoming bad economic news he thinks Obama is going to blame it on the sequester, and once again prove how disastrous Republicans and Capitalism are for America.
With all that was going on last week, like Obama lying about his ownership of the sequestration, lying about not getting any revenue and not having any control over the specifics of where the cuts can be applied, and then Bob Woodward being intimidated and isolated by his own, I still don’t really recall a Republican presence. I know they gave Obama a bill that would allow him to decide where the cuts go (and that this was just for show). In theory this was a good idea but it’s like they did it in secret because nobody paid it any attention. Republicans were absolutely shredded in the news last week and yes, this kind of D.N.C. / White House / media blitzkrieg does work. Democrats fight to the death while Republicans are fighting W.W.F. style – they’re in the fight but they’re really just faking it so they can still keep their jobs and collect their checks (sorry W.W.F. fans). Last week the White House gave members of the media a “fact sheet” which included “facts” like the following for them to repeat: a number of states would see losses in public health funding and access to funding for the treatment and prevention for substance abuse and HIV, Texas will lose $51 million in funding for teachers, aides and staff who help children with disabilities, and more than 100,000 formerly homeless people would be kicked out of housing and shelter programs.

The average person who pays a little attention to politics doesn’t know any Republican representatives by name, maybe one or two. Instead they know the pundits like Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, etc.” This wouldn’t be so sad except a lot of the so-called representatives have been in the house or senate as long as or longer than those pundits have been at their jobs um, punditing.

There are a couple of facts I try to keep in mind whenever there are budget negotiations / shenanigans going on. First is that a “cut” in Washington D.C. means they’re spending extra this year already but, they’re not going to spend as much… or extra. Second, there is still $200 billion from T.A.R.P. that hasn’t been spent. And speaking of T.A.R.P. I thought it was weird that we were all told our government needed $750 to $800 billion in 24 hours or the economy would collapse so, two weeks later the Republicans voted for it. Well, a handful of Republicans voted no because they’re those crazy constitutional types.
Now we know that the sequester isn’t cutting any of these agencies or programs the year started out with. It’s just a cut in the extra or (rate of growth) they were going to have this year. Obama has referred to the cuts as a series of “dumb and arbitrary cuts” but here is a link to a long list of exempted programs and activities. http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/2/905 Thank goodness the Obama Phone will not have to suffer as well as the pensions of our beloved public servants paid for by automatically deducting it from our paychecks and telling us it’s for our retirement via social security. But, there are thousands of government funded businesses (that’s inappropriate in the first place) that could be cut.
Head Start spends $9,000 per child. Multiple studies over 45 years and yet they found almost no advantages to children in kindergarten and grade one from having gone through Head Start, compared to children who had not. See more on what’s up with Head Start at http://www.downsizinggovernment.org/hhs/subsidies. Also, as a side note, we have public school teachers asking math questions like this: “One slave got whipped five times a day. How many times did he get whipped in a month (31 days)? Or, graduating students from high school who can only read at a fifth grade level. I wouldn’t mind having a few teachers laid off but I know thanks to the unions, they rarely get fired and even if they do they still collect a check from us. Another not so arbitrary cut is with the I.R.S. The National Treasury Employees Union (yes the I.R.S. has a union to demand that they get better benefits from us) spokesperson says they’ll have between 5 and 7 furlough days starting after tax season. The are choosing to postpone them until after tax season however their spokesperson is explaining that further cuts in service is unfair to them and the public.

The fact is that Democrats like the way things are. They talk about how bad the deficit is and then borrow more money to create more agencies, programs, and activities so their constituents will look to government for everything in life. Within the past couple of weeks the Democrats came out with a measure that would mandate $55 billion in additional spending cuts and $54 billion in new tax revenue. They drove spending way up and now demand that spending a trillion plus a year be the new normal. After reading a few articles on just how insane and quite frankly insultingly ridiculous government waste and fraud has become like how the cost to produce a penny in 2012 is more than two times its actual value and taxpayers are left to cover the loss. Read more if you have the stomach for it: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/10/15/coburn-waste-book-details-1-billion-in-eye-opening-government-expenses/#ixzz2MWJbMykL . At some point we really have to start to hold our representatives responsible for their inaction and complacency. The Tea Party was doing a great job at this but we need community outreach, like the Christians do (and the Democrats right before an election); feed ’em, entertain ’em, talk with ’em and maybe get a chance to educate them a little. We need to find ways to introduce the Republican party and real history to about 4 decades of voters. We can no longer allow the Democratic party to define who we are and what we believe. 2013 needs to be different. -CJ Rachel: RIGHT TO CARRIE


  • My favorite Rachel

  • Goooood lawd! You’re beautiful wife is just as in-tune as you are! You are truly a blessed man Zo!

  • DilloTank

    Democrats deal in propaganda. They say whatever they want. Facts are irrelevant to them. They simply tell people what they want to hear. I say, arm yourself and prepare for the gun grab.

  • teacher guy

    I agree with almost everything you’re saying…but please don’t lump teachers in with a failing school system. School systems are not run by teachers. Teachers don’t have any say in implementing ridiculous/anti-educational procedures. If you want to speak against education start at the top please…not the bottom. Teachers are losing their jobs for not passing students that have no right to graduate. When the govt makes crazy statements about every student graduating or the school will get no funding what do you expect from a bunch of politically motivated administrators? Schools are not failing for lack of teaching, schools are failing lack of proper administration.

    • Yeah, but who is a big part of voting in a government having the power to do this? Liberal Teachers. And who is it that has a lot of influence on students on how students will end up voting? Liberal teachers. And who is that makes up most of the education system? Liberals.

    • Rebecca

      Teachers could stand up to their unions and demand that bad teachers not be backed when a school wants to fire them. Performance pay. And that government mandates that the school doesn’t want shouldn’t have to be followed. PC bull indoctrination in the classroom. I know that there are districts that are all about PC and passing students regardless but the union situation is just as corrupt. I was on a school board and accountability in my district and teachers aren’t being fired for even the worst offenses. The union comes in and lawyers them up and if the district is to poor to fight to get rid of them you hide them in the office shuffling paper at the same pay until they get mad and find a new job. Your forced to give even the worst performers raises and promotions because of tenure and the only way to reduce the teaching staff is if you actually have a reduction in students to justify a layoff.

    • ERB

      Teachers are not correcting the knowledge that our kids are getting out of the history books that have been changed to tell a lie. So either we have dumbed down teachers or they are helpping the liberal agenda.
      Either way the kids loose their way, and the parents are paying for their own demise

  • teacher guy

    But everything else is spot on. Love the article. Keep up the truth work! Be blessed.

  • Rebecca

    I’m sick of hearing the whining about the furloughs. 5 to 7 days is nothing. And I bet they have the option of taking it with our without pay. As in they can use vacation days and not lose a dime out of a paycheck. They just don’t get to choose when they vacation. Even those who are getting furloughed one day a week have almost enough vacation days in a year to cover those furlough days.
    My husband has had what the regular people who don’t work for government call mandatory shut downs for over, oh heck, for ever. They have to take their vacation or not get paid on the days the company is shut down. Sometimes the company requests they use their vacation on shutdowns. That’s to get the vacation time off the books because vacation time unused shows as a debt to the company. So you order your life around it so your company can stay afloat and you get to keep your job. Somebody in the talking head shows need to ask the government workers calling in about this because I bet they options so their paychecks aren’t short. When find out they have the same rules as the private companies they need to tell them to man up quit whining about it. The rest of the private sector of country has been doing it for nearly 10 years off on. Dec 2011 my husbands company had almost 3 weeks of shut down. He took all available vacation and still had 4 days without pay. Dec 2012 was better they only had to take one week. This done every quarter if finance says they need to do it to get vacation off the books and save money by closing the doors for a few days or weeks. Get over it you whiney government employees. It’s how the real world works. And we don’t get petitions unless we save them ourselves!

  • marineh2ominer

    The furloughs are not long enough and there are not enough of them . Fully TWO / Thirds of the federal government , not including the military , need to be PERMANENTLY furloughed . The department of education , the internal revenue service , fannie mae , freddie mac , most of the EPA , most of FDA , the EPA , the department of energy , etc: etc : etc : , None of these are constitutionally provided for in the federal government .

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