Mixed Metaphors From Outer Space: President Obama’s Jedi Mind-Meld Sequester Trick

FROM PJTV: “President Obama does not plays 3d chess, nor does he possess Jedi mind tricks. He doesn’t even understand the ancient art of the Vulcan mind-meld. What he does understand is how to blame others for his own ideas, such as the sequester. Hear more about Obama’s strange science fiction references on this ZoNation. CLICK HERE OR THE IMAGE FOR ZONATION VIDEO!!! And don’t forget to share it with friends, family, and people who get on your nerves!

And speaking of Obama’s “Jedi Mind Meld” Here’s a flash back bonus video of my 1st ever youtube skit!

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  • DavidRF

    Apparently you missed a follow- up article regarding this subject that refuted the “mix-up” as a Jedi (Mind) Meld IS in fact an accurate term per the Star Wars novels, which are all approved by LucasFilms.

    • Man that post peaked on the snotty-o-meter right there. But anyway, Before there was the Jedi, I believe there was a Star Trek Series where Spock, a Vulcan had the attributes of Vulcan mind melding, and being that Lucas hasa reputation for wanting to sue people because he created everything that has to do with sci-fi I’m sure he’d want to stake his claim in mind melding too.

    • rick0857

      DavidRF Zo is correct and Zo this dude just has probably never seen the most fantastic sci-fi adventure series of it’s time, in fact Star Trek was Light Years ahead of it’s time.

  • rick0857

    Nice MMA there Zo but you really should have punked the fake barrack a little more.

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