BILL WHITTLE: VOTER FRAUD (Virtual State of the Union 2013)

From Bill Whittle,

“The Virtual President concludes his 2013 State of the Union address by showing how voter fraud IS voter suppression, and by calling for a top-to-bottom reform of the US electoral system starting with the argument for Photo ID.”




  • James Osborn

    The shocking, disturbing part of this video is that Bill Whittle’s voice is a dead ringer for Nevada Sen. Harry Reid. Maybe Whittle should move to Nevada, run against the senate majority leader. People will think he is Reid’s son, and could easily win in a landslide!

  • KnowbodyXXX

    I stopped the video at three minutes because I see this is just another pointless strawman. Nobody ever denied the existence of voter fraud, we on the left argue that it exists in every single election, especially 2000. Nobody ever made any argument downplaying the impact of voter fraud either. Again, Bill Whittle responds to imaginary arguments he would have loved for the left to have made but such arguments were never made. The argument we’re making is that the fraud you all speak of was filtered out and not counted which is why you’re all aware of it to begin with. We also argue that shutting down several voting booths in black neighborhoods resulting in longer lines and forcing 7-10 hour waits is not an attempt to curve voter fraud but a blatant attempt at voter suppression and obstruction. Many elderly voters’ health was jeopardized. Requiring a payment of 15-25 bucks for a voter I.D. instead of the state I.D. they already have is another tactic targeted at poor voters whom are mostly minorities. Nefarious gerymandering that divides minority districts while combining white conservative districts which allows the GOP to maintain the House without ever winning the popular vote is also an outright assault on the voting rights of minorities. Deal with those issues, they may serve you now but it will all come back to bite you.

    • You are in severe denial. The Democratic Party/Liberal Party has morally destroyed this country’s fundamentals. With the liberal attitude, the younger generations no longer have motivation, work ethics, or family morals. Without them, you have what this country is now….division and downward spiral. Liberals have destroyed everything our forefathers fought for, and created our nation for.

  • your biggest clue that the election was fraud is when obama told the world that he was going to be reappointed when he told vlademer to tell putin to give him some breathing room til after the elections…obama KNEW THAT HE WAS GOING TO BE REAPPOINTED!

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