FROM: Right to Carrie: The Smuggness of O’Reiley.


By CJ Rachel: As a former Catholic I still pay attention to issues concerning the Church. Last week was exciting for my Catholic brothers and sisters not just because Obama was too busy lunching around D.C. with a few R.I.N.O.s to tell the church how it will conduct it’s businesses and what beliefs will be permitted, but because a new Pope was elected. The Pope has this unique position that allows him to go just about anywhere and speak to almost any situation. I hope this can continue with the new Pope because the world seems to be moving in two different directions very rapidly. There are people who want to look to government and a “leader” for everything and people who want to be self governed and look to God to lead them.  I pray that Pope Francis will stand with the latter.

Another Catholic who caught my attention in the past couple of weeks was Bill O’Reilly. He interviewed Dr. Jeffress of the First Baptist Church in Dallas regarding the new Bible series on the History Channel.  After introducing the good doctor he referred to the Bible series as “highlighting fundamentalist Christian beliefs.”  This description made my head swing around to the tellie because I haven’t heard “fundamentalist Christian” in a while and now that I think about it, I’ve really only heard it from baby boomer secular Catholics and Christians. I know that sounds like an oxymoron and yes, it actually is an oxymoron because they refer to themselves as Christians but don’t actually believe the Bible because it’s too fantastical. Anyway, O’reilly used the phrase in the usual modern way to demean the series, Dr. Jeffress & the Bible.

So he dives right in smirking and all puffed up with the same air of smugness and self righteousness that I’m used to seeing on Bill Maher.  It was extremely off-putting but I endured. He begins by inquiring about the beginning – the creation. He asks in a condescending manner:  “Adam and Eve, did they literally live in the garden of Eden and usurp the evolutionary process?”  Dr. Jeffress immediately got blown off because he answered “yes”. I wondered if O’reilly or any of the secular Catholics I’ve known have gone back into the Bible on their own with an open mind and heart or delved deeper into the arguments and evidence for and against evolution and the age of the earth once they’ve been out of school? Have they ever looked up an article by a  Christian Molecular Biologist just to explore another point of view? Most of the secular Catholics I know are conservatives and they became conservative because eventually they questioned the mantra of liberalism.  So why don’t they bother in the same manner to question what they’ve been taught regarding science and the bible?  I know the Catholics and secularists in my circle believe in supernatural phenomenon like demonic possession or ghostly activity but they can’t believe the Bible?

Anyway, back to the beginning. Something intriguing about verse 1 in Genesis, “In the beginning God created the heavens & the earth.” And verse 2, “Now, the earth was formless & empty…” The heavens & earth already existed before creation starts later in verse 3. The word “now” in verse 2 indicates there was a “then” state and the word “was” I’ve learned translates to “became”. Remember the Bible is God’s book to man concerning his story. Some speculate that our account of creation is also the restoration of earth.  Moreover, there are verses that speak of Lucifer (before he was Satan) having widespread trade (like in the heavens and on earth) but being expelled from Heaven and cast to the earth where he took one third of the angels with him. And God made a spectacle of him before kings and all the nations who knew him were appalled at him. Some speculate Satan and his angels destroyed the earth along with whatever sort of kingdoms (human or other) and nations were on it.  This would make the earth very old.

However, God created/restored everything in 6 days, He repeats that in Exodus and He repeats 10 times in Genesis everything is created to produce after its own kind. It’s not a stretch for me to believe all the genetic potential was built into each kind. We see small rapid changes and the adaptability of creatures to emphasize built in traits according to differing environments; but they don’t change into another kind. I was taught everything came from a single-celled organism in a primordial pond and through mutations there was genetic information added to the code.  This caused things to be able to change from kind to kind, and that we know this is what happened and we will find the evidence. Also, concerning evidence with the dating methods used (Potassium-Argon, Radiocarbon, Stratigraphy, etc.), scientists readily admit they get dates that vary widely and they throw out the results that don’t match their preconceived theory instead of altering their theory based on the evidence. They also tend to date samples as though they haven’t been contaminated for millions/billions of years, that everything has remained constant. I just hope O’Reilly and secular Catholics will at least consider that science and the Bible aren’t irreconcilable; if you are open to going where the evidence may take you.

  • We have been watching ‘The Bible’ and so far really enjoyed it. And we are Mormon’s. Not sure if that fits under O’Reilly’s definition of fundamentalists or not.

  • Kimberley

    So glad to see some commentary on this! I saw this “interview” the other night and was disturbed/frustrated/angered by it as well. I can’t stand to watch O’Reilly anymore and this was a perfect example of why. Total disregard and disrespect , can stand the POMPOSITY, with the typical “I’m the only one in the room that knows anything” attitude.” If he believes the Bible is just a bunch of stories, myths, fables and allegories – why is he constantly positioning himself as “the culture warrior”? Why is he fighting for a culture that evolved out of Judeo-Christian beliefs that came from a source he thinks is fiction? Meanwhile, he’s going to pen the novel “Killing Jesus” and make a boatload off the very people he’s insulting, I hope no one buys it! Carrie is correct in that if people would just open their minds to the possibilities they would see that science and the Bible are not mutually exclusive. I don’t pretend to understand the totality of creation, but I do believe God did it (to me the time involved is immaterial b/c time is nothing to God) and I truly feel that this conflict over creation/evolution came about to make people doubt the Bible and draw them away from the even bigger story, JESUS.

    • Taggart Snyder

      Very good point!

    • The movie “The Genesis Code” explained how to rationalize the scientific and Christian definitions of how old the earth is. And it did it all using science. Basically, it uses relativity as the basis behind the discrepancy between the two estimations. By God’s point of view, it was 6 days to create the earth. From the perspective of being here on earth, it could be millions of years, depending on how distant the Creator was in making the planet. Light from stars takes years to get to earth, but by our own perspective it’s instantaneous. Farther out you go, the bigger the time dilation.

  • SPBatman

    Your third paragraph here is really reaching. I’ve read the Bible 6 times and there is no mention of Lucifer before he was Satan. It’s the same being. There’s a LOT there in that paragraph that doesn’t make sense, Biblically. You’re borrowing from Revelation (out of context) and other books that aren’t canon to create a story that isn’t in the Bible at all. You have to be careful about that, though I know it’s Catholic tradition to add all kinds of stuff to “the Good Book.”

    • It’s not far reaching at all. And it’s very possible that you can read even a chapter in the Bible several times and miss things. If you don’t see that the Bible speaks of Satan before his fall, then you are as guilty of subtracting from the Bible as the people you accuse of adding to it. CJ’s point is not a borrow from Revelation as much as it is a direct reference to Ezekiel, and Isaiah. It’s evident that you miss things when you read, Because CJ Clearly states that she’s a FORMER Catholic, while you’re implicating her as a present catholic sticking to the “tradition of adding all kinds of stuff to the Good Book”. So the one I see misreading things here is you.

    • Thank you. I thought that is what he was implying when I read his response which in reality is down in the weeds.

    • JonMotivates

      Come on, Zo, if you are going to refute, cite. Where in Ezekiel and Isaiah?

    • Do I have to spoon feed it? Might do some good to crack open that Bible and see for yourself.

    • You must remember that the several Christian Bibles have a different number of books, and content within those books, so before a statement such as you have made can be accepted as true, or judged false, it would be necessary to examine the protestant, Catholic, and sundry Orthodox Bibles as to contents.

    • JonMotivates

      Yeah, let’s just go look at all of the Bibles. Start with the New International PER-Version. There are several good Bibles out there, but many, like the NIV are WAY off base.
      No, going to multiple Bibles is not the answer. Go back to the King James, then look up the words in question in their original form. Going back to the original words leads you to the truth. Reading a bunch of interpretations does not. It leads to confusion and often perverted meanings.

    • Stephen, I never learned anything about the Bible growing up as a Catholic, not to knock Catholics ’cause that was my personal experience. It was only when I became a Christian that I started to study & learn. I didn’t know I implied Satan was a separate being from Lucifer, I never went to Revelation for this so I don’t know what you’re referring to, I enjoy reading the different Christian Bibles & I never said paragraph 3 is what I believe, I said it’s intriguing & “some speculate.” I don’t pretend to know all the mysteries of the Bible.

    • Why do you think you became Christian when you left the Catholic Church. Catholics are Christains.

    • Marylin, Maybe it’s because all the time she was growing up catholic it was never conveyed to her that it was Christian. Maybe if Catholics would refer to themselves as Christians, or at least Christian Catholics, y’all wouldn’t have to reprimand people for making that mistake in your view. Maybe it’s because Carrie was taught about the practices of Catholicism more than taught about Christ and His Way. That’s here personal experience.

    • I. M.

      Alfonzo, Catholics were the only Christians for 1500 years. Other religions that split off, don’t seem to like to call us that though. Not sure why.

    • genejr1224

      As a Catholic, I always knew I was Christian. I grew up in Catechism and they used workbooks derived from the new testament and they taught you what it was to be Catholic. The later being the major push. The church rarely taught from the bible. When I visited my grandmother I went to protestant churches. The adults of the protestant churches were the ones that felt the need to make sure I knew I was Catholic and they were Christians. I was sent to their Sunday Schools. When we were tested about the bible my sister and I always seemed to be the first of the children to answer all the questions. I call these variant Christian churches”protestant” from the historical point of view. As long as you follow Jesus and you believe he died for your sins and arose again, you are a Christian. You may have different interpretations of the bible as a Christian, if we did not we would not be humans.

    • I grew up Catholic, only going thru the sacraments & rituals because my parents made me. I had no clue about Jesus much less a relationship with Him. It has nothing to do with the fact that I was an agnostic for years & then one day I attended a Christian church & felt at home but it has everything to do with the fact that these people called themselves Christians & I now believe the same thing they do. Listen, we both believe Christ is our savior, we just call ourselves different names.

    • I. M.

      CJ, Lots of Catholics never learned anything growing up. The Bible is read every day in mass, and you get it all over time. Listening, though is not everyone’s finer points. I never knew much about the Catholic beliefs while growing up Catholic, but after listening to the podcast “Catholic Answers Live” I have learned so much more. I suggest you go to, and check out the forums. There, you can ask and learn anything you would like to know. Also, there are no former Catholics unless they have written a formal letter to the Bishop denouncing their Catholicism. Once a Catholic, always a Catholic.

    • I didn’t have a choice to become a Catholic as I was baptized as an infant. And yes the church has changed A LOT in 2000 yrs, I don’t want to attend a church that preaches social justice & liberal politics, I want to learn about Jesus. I will check out “Catholic Answers Live” though.

    • mackelby

      Your comment is exactly why I don’t subscribe to religion. All religions are the same. They all have many versions to fit their needs. That is bothersome for someone looking into spirituality

    • I. M.

      They all have many versions, because they are all personal interpretations of the Bible. That is why the Catholic church has not changed in 2000 years. We continue believing what Christ taught, whether we like it or it fits our modern beliefs or not. That is probably why so many people hate Catholics. They don’t make up their own rules for what the Bible says, to fit their wants.

    • mackelby

      The catholic church also “adjusted” the bible to fit there needs around 1100 AD. That is all I need to know. And worst of all that version is still the version used.

  • nmsmartone

    check out for some truly deep insight into creationism – keep up the solid observations and commentary!!

  • I can’t watch O’Reilly anymore but did see the video of this segment online because someone referenced it. I thought he treated Dr. Jeffress rudely.

  • Guest

    I’m sure you righties really enjoyed the part where Satan was made to resemble Obama. At least the left admitted to making the chopped head look like Bush in Alexander. You people delude yourselves into thinking you can do something and then deny it.

    • mackelby

      I would have never noticed it if it wasn’t mentioned. But I don’t worship the devil(obama).

    • Well let me be the 1st that I don’t at all deny that it looks like Obama, and I can dig it! But I agree with you that the producers punked out for not coping to it.

    • Rebecca

      I heard one of the talking heads say today that the guy playing the devil has many acting parts under his belt as the devil from way back. Well before O was president. The actor looks to be 20 years older than O. I think it’s more like they couldn’t say your the most qualified for the part and clearly the best but we can’t hire you. You look like the president.

  • mackelby

    Not sure Bill is all that conservative. He is a conservative by liberal standards, but by conservative standards he gets a little weak at times.

    • rick0857

      A little weak at times? He was one of the biggest fluffers for obama in his first term.

    • mackelby

      Been trying to tone down my hostilities, a personal thing, been getting to wound up. But I agree 100%. Thanks for saying exactly what I was thinking.

    • rick0857

      Thanks for the advice maybe I too should tone it down some. NAH I did that from Nov 6, 2012 until about a month ago. I stopped posting comments on just about everything. I guess I’ve cooled down enough to go back to expressing my opinion…for now anyway. I mean we still have the 1st amendment to some extent.

    • mackelby

      Rick, I was saying that from a personal agenda. I am a hot head and I have to play it cool sometimes to keep my self in check. Thanks again for saying exactly what I was thinking. Matter of fact I am following you now on Disqus.

  • I will not buy norread his book killing Jesus. Ibelieve in my God and I believe in his word and what it says. My faith is my shield with which I repell the words of the dark ones.

  • HumanFly

    The Answers Book: The 20 Most-Asked Questions About
    Creation, Evolution & the Book of Genesis Answered! This book is very enlightening and shows how real science (not preconceived notions) can prove the Biblical history.

    • I’ll check it out, sounds interesting!

  • greenroughneck

    Alfonzo and CJ, really refreshing to see authors engaged with readers! Long time fan, first time commenting. Definitely enjoy the vids and pieces here. Watch you on PJ. No exception with this one. I’ll be back, if nothing else it’ll be fun to play “whack a troll” somwhere new!

    • That’s hilarious! We need a lot more Conservatives to play “whack a troll.”

  • rick0857

    O’Reilly is a bonehead and has been ever since he viciously turned on the Tea Party back in late 2010 or early 2011. I don’t remember exactly when he hurled his insult but it was the last time I ever watched his show, or read any of his books. Maybe he should just stick to taking care of his own business before stepping out to criticize others. Hey Bill settle your divorce (a catholic violation) before telling others what to do.

  • Well said!!

  • OReilly is spelled wrong.

  • drew

    Keep your friends close and your enemies… I recommend you DVR O’riley and other programs and reload your intellectual ammunition, and conversational ammunition nightly regarding how to counter mis-logic and distracting argument.

  • Love it.

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