The K Carl Smith Encounter at CPAC

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  • mackelby

    You brought a lot of great points to light. The left has spent decades redefining many political words and terms, and have done an excellent job. They have done so well the right has swallowed it also. Most self professed conservative friends of mine are moderate at best. Which automatically makes me an extremist. Very disturbing, One thing I have to make mention of though. I am very conservative and I don’t subscribe to religion. But I don’t have a problem with it either,as long as it doesn’t persecute others that don’t believe what they believe. True conservatives that are very religious can’t swallow the fact I am conservative. Also disturbing. Its no different than trying to find the the candidate that votes the the way you want them to 100% of the time, not going to happen. So I can be a conservative and not meet 100% of the assumed criteria to be a conservative. The liberals think moderates are right wing conservative freaks when in reality they aren’t. The “conditioning” never stops.

  • Teresa

    I agree with you so much in this video. It is hard to hear everything he was saying. I think the Replublican party wants a hero so bad that is why they jump on anything says that sounds conservative. I am with you about Adam Corolla. I turn the channel when O’reilly has him on his show. It is confusing to me. I am looking toward the leaders who stand up for their beliefs. I am so glad to see there are some left (Paul, Rubio, Cruz, Ryan and some more). It sickens me to see the hate spewing from the left. I have friends who believe the lies that they are told. It is hard to communicate with them. I just change the subject when politics come up. I pray for their heart to be soften and their EYES to be open. I also videos like yours in the hopes they will do the research on their own.

  • EBlake

    Republicans have left us conservatives homeless, and without a voice. Many blacks have become what they proclaim to hate, “racist”. And the left is being sucsessful and intensefying this. As christians we need to speak out against both…

    • Just comical that in a video about a white racist confronting a black Republican at a conservative conference during a session on race you managed to muse about *black* racists. LOL! If you clowns were winning, I would be despondent. But you’re losing everyday. As someone pointed out in an article a couple of months ago, there is a group of Americans that have been losing for 150 years. You lost the Civil War, then you lost the war for Civil Rights (meaning other people got them) and now, you’re losing the demographics war. And as a group, conservatives are some of the most sorry-assed Christians that have ever lived. Many of you are far more God-like than Christ-like. Heaven smiles every day aout Obamacare.

    • pearl87

      You are the biggest loser.

    • Guest

      Chris do you actually know history at all? YOU

  • JJ_Swiontek

    Mr. Rachel, you are popular with this Christian Republican. Keep up the good work.

  • pearl87

    Mr. Rachel, you are a great American and I know you are fair enough to see that there is common ground for libertarians and conservatives. This idiot in the audience was away off the mark, but there is a kernel of wisdom in one thing he tried to address. This is the idea that our modern American culture professes to value all “diversity” yet demonizes the traditional white culture which gave rise to our country. Can’t we agree that people have different preferences and that these should all be able to be appreciated in a diverse culture? There should be nothing wrong with the concept of separatism, if it is neither state sponsored or oppressive to any party. I know many black people who would like to live among others of their race. They should be allowed to do so! It is autocratic and dictatorial for the govt to forbid communities of like-minded, like-colored, or like-religious to congregate. It is also un-American. I guess I don’t believe in that aspect of the civil rights law that bans freedom of association. Our nation is big enough and has enough good-will among the citizens to permit individuals to decide where and how they prefer to live and with whom they want to associate. I believe that many of the problems that exist between the races today are caused by govt interference in private interactions.

    Anyway, thanks for all you do. I consider you to be one of the great voices for truth and freedom for everyone.

    • Look, Zo! Another fan! THIS is your audience. THIS is what you get when you argue that the *real* racists are black people. THIS is what you get when you support your fellow black republicans in trying to placate racist segregationists while they yell at black women that ask them questions about race at a panel on race. But hey, why not sign off on pearl87’s segregated society–maybe you and your wife could live on the border between Blackistan and Caucasia–in separate homes, of course. Don’t forget to add pearl87 to Zo’s Cyber-Hood–he’ll fit right in.

  • rick0857

    This Terry guy seems to me to be nothing more than a white supremacist that was toning it down for the audience that he found himself in. I’ll bet if you follow this guy around when he’s in his comfort zone you’ll discover one of the biggest racists in the South. (I believe there was a caption saying he was from S.C.) It’s the likes of him and those who think like him that we don’t need in the republican party because they are the ones just as Zo said who end up in the news and then the likes of Chrissy Matthews and Rachael Maddow say “SEE LOOK HERE REPUBLICAN”

    • Maybe you’re right. So wouldn’t it have made sense for Smith–the leader of the session to have said, “This discussion is about how not to be perceived as a racist. I guess I should have said from the outset that one of the best ways to avoid being labeled a racist is to not actually be one, as you clearly are. Racial segregation has no place in the Republican Party and it never has.”? Then the crowd could have, on their own, booed Terry and his George Wallace-button wearing buddy out of the room.

      Instead, Smith tried to placate the racist segregationist and ASSURE him that there was a place for him in the party. Despicably, he even suggests that Frederick Douglass approved of racial segregation. As for the crowd, they shouted down (and I do mean shouted–watch the long video) one of the few (only?) black women in the audience for asking, basically, two questions: one, about the number of black women at a speech Douglass gave on women’s suffrage and the other asking why Smith was equating the modern Democratic Party with the KKK.

      Based on this session, it is easy to draw the conclusion that conservatives find racists like Terry tolerable, while at the same time, finding questioning black women intolerable.

    • rick0857

      Wait I said the guy sounded like a white supremacist and that we didn’t need him in the republican party and you call me a racist? Could you please explain to me how you reached this conclusion? If I’m coming off as a racist then I might need to take a long look at myself. So what was it exactly I said that makes me a racist?

    • I didn’t call you a racist. If I did, I didn’t mean to. Can you cite the sentence where I implied that? I was addressing your concern that it was Terry who made Republicans look bad. If you’ve followed the reactions, many people–including myself, think the grudging acceptance of Terry by the crowd and K Carl Smith were more telling than anything Terry said.

    • rick0857

      Sorry this explanation gives more light to what you said and what you were trying to express. I believe it was just a misunderstanding on my part however this was the sentence that concerned me and maybe I just read it wrongly or misunderstood your meaning,

      “I guess I should have said from the outset that one of the best ways to
      avoid being labeled a racist is to not actually be one, as you clearly
      are.” The key wording here is “as you clearly are” and that’s the point where I thought you inferred I was racist. My mistake

    • We’re good. it was part of my hypothetical quote of what K.Carl Smith *could* have said.

    • rick0857

      Cool Stay safe

  • Stalin, Hitler and Mao disarmed the people. Does anymore need to said? yes, there was Chavez and Casto as well.

  • Whats up Zo! Dude, thank you so much for breaking down the whole neo-confederate libertarian aspect of this guys outlook.

    While I did not think this guy was planted, I’d sort of always thought of people who shared his views as confused liberals who were only republican in title. However, when you explained that they are actually neo-confederate libertarians everything immediately came into focus for me.

    That statement conjured up an instant flashback to something that I’d heard you say in Weapons of A.S.S. Destruction in your “If It Aint Liberals, It’s Libertarians…” chapter and then it all made sense.

    The Libertarian platform is but one step removed from being liberals-Libertarians embrace free market economics and prefer to be left alone by the government – while many of them take liberal stances on social issues. Which is why it’s possible for some of them to subscribe to the stupidity in Terry’s statement.

    See, as conservatives – we don’t dice people up into groups – we see all people as individuals who were made in God’s image. Liberals, on the other hand are all about groups, groupism and group identity. And apparently there is a sizable enough segment of libertarians who subscribe to the same liberal principles that under-penned the confederacy that the term “neo confederate libertarian” has almost become common place.

    Thanks for setting the record straight!

  • Conniption Fitz

    Love you, Zo! As always, balanced Godly words!

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