Putting That Culture War Talk To Work

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It’s done y’all! DIVINE BATTERY, the full album is finally available for your auditory enjoyment!!!
Hope we can count on your support! We’re very thankful for this work, and very happy with it!
We know not every kind of music suits everybody, so if this ain’t your taste of music we certainly don’t expect ya to
buy it.

But consider this.

You’ve seen how liberals have used music to press their ideology in the culture.

What have conservatives used?

What medium do they have to promote their values and connect with people, that hold interest?

Conservatives are in short supply of this, and don’t really show the demand.

Kinda contrary to their supply and demand stance.

The thing that they do express is the discontent of the direction the country is being dragged in.

But until conservatives learn to stop putting all their attention on politics which leaves them to turn their back on the culture who more and more give power to more liberalism in government, then conservatives can forget about America recovering from the effects of liberalism.

Conservatives, you need to starts supplying works that promote conservatism in interesting ways. And by that I don’t mean ditching your values and adopting liberal ideologies.

Conservatives also need to show the demand, and support conservatives who are working at productions to promote conservatism in the culture.

That doesn’t always mean with money. Give your feed back, Click the like button, follow on twitter.

So since you’re here, you can practice!

Go to our face book page and click like, for starters!

Or would you rather have liberals promoting more music that promotes more sex marketed to kids, misogyny, drug glorification, anti-Americanism, God rejection, etc.

Their using music to promote their will. And it’s still working well for them.

Wow, it would be great if conservatives would support that same concept to make it work for them.

We’re offering our service. Hope you’ll find a way to support!

God bless ya!


But, hey… If you wanna buy the album, that would be pretty awesome too. 😉

  • Divine Battery is an excellent & very energetic album if I do say so myself…& I do

  • Brando

    Thank Yo ZO!! Been waiting awhile for this

  • Original Zo Music! Love it! Rock ON Patriot! BUY THE CD! Heavy Patriots!

  • Falcon

    Drug glorification?! you are so right Mr. Zo; it is morally wrong for someone to put heroin into their own body; however sending them to jail to get prison raped and have their life and all chance of employment destroyed by fascist bullies who believe they have the right to tell people what they can or cannot do, that’s ok. Hows that for Christian morality, turn the other cheek; nah lets lock up the heroin addicts, they deserve bodily harm and freedom removed, right? That is what they get for putting something into their own body! Behind all the conservative rhetoric of small government and individual liberty, this is what you actually believe: “don’t take drugs, or you don’t derserve your rights anymore”!

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