What The $@#! Did Toure Say About Dr. Carson?


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  • I’m a White, Conservative, Gun owner and I Love you/your message but I’m not Gay! I must be a RACIST!

  • Zo again you knock it out of the park. You sir are a great American patriot. May God bless you and your family.

  • I truly wish there were more men and women that could make their message understood the way you do. You are truly gifted by God with your abilities Zo. Keep up the good fight my friend and Brother in Christ!

  • HealthyAmerican

    ‘Zo, the reason you’re seen as a sellout by leftists is because you don’t fall in line with the groupthink mentality the ‘black community’ has been duped into believing; they owe their allegiance and servitude to the Democrat Party. But the fact is, by following beliefs you decided were important to you…you DID sell out, to yourself.

  • Guest

    Zo, will you please run for President?

  • Frank

    Wow! Very well put as always! Keep up the fight for truth.

  • Once again, on point and awesome.

  • I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves. ~Harriet Tubman

  • You go, Zo!!! THanks a million!!

  • AngryConservativeAsianDude

    Zo, please challenge Toure to a cage match.

  • samshile

    Wow, Now how do we educate the current kids in school to these truths?

  • The attacks on Dr. Cason are vile. I remember when his story aired on TNT, everyone black and white celebrated his beating the odds and his mother’s love. Now Toure wants to erase all that because Dr. Carson has spoken out against Obama and left wing ideology?

  • Zo, I know this is old news but have you listened to Tommy Sotomayor? He addresses the Republican Party about them never giving Us as Black people the invite! Now here’s his vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMYsTNIKRpI PLEASE ZO, ADDRESS THIS PERSON BECAUSE HE IS SOUNDING LIKE SOMEONE WHO REALLY DIDN’T KNOW HIS HISTORY!!!! I ENCOURAGE ALL TO WATCH AND COMMENT!

  • The Title is “Why blacks Dont Vote Republican? America The Hypocritical!” Please please PLEASE say your peace on this!!!

  • Ben Carson will be in the history books as one of the great men in medical science, Toure will be forgotten as soon as he is too old to attract the dimbletwits.

  • Amen brother!! Why cant we all just get along? You are definitely educated and know what youre talking about. Racism is being used way to much in todays society. We are all people. We breathe the same and bleed the same. You are a refreshing positive note in a dim negative world. God bless and thank you.

  • Paula Beight

    Zo, I am a middle aged married mother of teens. Oh, and I am white and Christian; however, I LOVE YOU! I know it doesn’t make sense because I am supposed to be racist, but even my husband has a man crush on you! Does that make us liberal??? Nah, because you used your God given sense and realized that you are not a slave to the liberal party. Thank you Zo, for your wisdom and courage!

  • That explains why the sports media on television always complain that the White sports owners never hire a Black football coach for a college or professional football team. The race card makes the viewer feel guilty and sorry that a Black person cannot be a head coach of a football team.

  • Most of my friends I grew up with are liberals. I had a discussion with a “friend” I grew up with about many of the points you made in this video yesterday. After I pointed out that her party started the KKK she told me she was beginning to “wonder” about me. (Insinuating she was beginning to wondered if I was racist.) I was so offended I considered ending our friendship. Another friend posted this video on FB yesterday and it was like a gift from heaven. I sent it to her immediately and I am now waiting for a reply. (I can only hope that when she sees a brown person making the same points I did she will reconsider her racist statement.) Thank you for keeping it real.

  • rick0857

    Zo, Dude you really need to send this video to Hannity or some other visual media guy Man you knocked right out of the park again! Everyone in America should see this short and that’s for sure maybe we’ll all learn something together for a change.

  • Pamela Smith

    I look forward to these video blogs !

  • Dr. Carson is a threat to those who benefit greatly from promoting victimhood and dependency. Touré is a joke.

  • Don Koester

    Finally! A comedian who tells the truth about Obama and the liberals….a true asset to the cause of Conservatism!
    Love your courage and energy towards defeating liberal nonsense!

  • Gregory71

    Black brains………White brains, all taste gooooooooood!!!!

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