ZoNation: Chip Off the Old Blockhead; Hopper Penn, Oh, and Bow Down to Beyonce, B*tches.

I agree with a YouTube user who saw my vid when he said, I’m sure Harvey Milk would appreciate Sean and Hopper on this. LOL!

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  • Michelle

    Alfonzo I enjoy watching your video’s.You tell it like it is.You call out the liberals and democrats and hold them accountable.We live in a crazy liberal world right now.I pray it gets better and people wake up to how the liberal democrats are destroying our nation.But I fear if they do wake up the damage will be done and will as a nation will be at the point of no return.God Bless you and keep doing what you do.You are making a difference.


    Me Too Michelle. Alfonzo tells like it is, his videos are full of facts. . I pass them along as much as possible to my liberal friends. Of course some think he wrong, liberals are the caring, tolerant people. The facts are hard to swallow. He’s also from my home town and a drummer. Was married to one for 21 years and have a son that’s a drummer also.

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