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  • Guest

    Rock on Zoe!

  • I saw you on The Blaze and each of you guys was fantastic. A really intelligent and articulate discussion, with solutions as well as discussion of the problem. I wish you could get a segment on that network as well as PJTV. We need to see more of what you have to offer in more venues!

  • Jared Hansen

    Nice job Zo! I’ve been hoping to see you on TheBlaze or on Glen’s show. Hopefully it can become a regular thing.

  • MormonYoYoMan

    Wow! Specific data, verifiable facts — I’m loving it!


    What the guy sitting opposite you said, is that most blacks are racist, because they only vote race…If I admitted to only voting for whites…I would be labled a racist…and rightfully so

    • This isn’t true Joe, Blacks will willingly go and vote for Democrats like Kerry or Clinton or whoever at numbers of 90% or better just like they did for Obama. This is about being teathered to the democratic party more than anything else.

    • Jim Karmie

      Keon-If I can express what I think the discussion was intended to show is that the Democrat party has successfully identified itself as the party of the black people. They continually talk the talk of caring for the black community. The points being made were showing that this is not the case. However, blacks continue to vote, almost as a duty, for Democrats despite their policies continuing to hold black people down simply because of the incorrect assumption that Democrats are there to help them. Voting black doesn’t mean for black people so much as for people they have been fooled into believing are on their side. (Hope that makes sense.)

  • Sandi Staley

    I went to the Blaze website to see the other segments of this show, but I could only find the first two: Racist Stigma and the GOP, and Activating Black Conservatives. The next segment(s) was supposed to get into education and the 2nd amendment, but I can’t find those on the site. Do you have any idea where I could find them?

  • They still don’t teach Frederick Douglas because his words put the lie to Democrat mantra very bluntly with no wiggle room. Most especially the lie that the Founding Father’s were all racists.

  • Jim Karmie

    I just wanted to say that I admire these men for stepping out and standing for what they believe in. They have looked at the political landscape and see that the true values of the black community are more closely aligned with conservative values. I am confident that while these fine gentlemen are proud to stand for what they believe in, it must be challenging and frustrating. For years, they have been told they are a minority. Now, they are a minority within that minority. My respect for their willingness to stand for their beliefs is great! Continue to fight the fight to educate those who are misguided!

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