ZoNation Vid On A Bit Of Why Christians Feel Dissed By Bill O’Reilly’s Bible Thumper Comment

FROM PJTV: “Bill O’Reilly insulted Christians on Fox News Channel when he referred to them Bible thumpers. While Zo agrees with O’Reilly to a degree, he is upset that O’Reilly adopted a very liberal attitude towards morality. Does defense of gay marriage really require national television hosts to ridicule the faithful? Hear more on the ZoNation.

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  • Amen, Zo!

  • Buckhuntr

    Zo, love the commentaries, they are point on!! I share them with my liberal friends and watch their heads spin ’cause they can’t refute your logic. I think you are winning some over…..their heads don’t spin as fast and the smoke has stopped coming out of their ears!! Thanks and keep up God’s work!!

  • RT Alamo

    THANK YOU, my Brother! We CAN defend marriage through the Bible, by turning pages, not by banging my fist on it. Bill thinks he’s “smarter” than you and me, so his opinion is always right. He’s showing that he’s not a conservative, and definitely INCOMPETENT regarding the Bible. He’s looking for ratings. The BIBLE is the foundation of ALL society. Whenever we move away from that, we get the chaos, violence and confusion that we see today. (BTW – re: Hitler. I know he’s not the topic for the day, but he was never a Christian, even though he may have attended a Catholic “building” in order to coerce 2/3 of the German churches into supporting him out of fear. He was an Aryan, a Norse religion believing that man could become God by manipulating bloodlines. Sounds like a spiritual vampire to me. And sort of like the way obama is a “christian” while wearing a ring with the first Pillar of Islam on it, praying to Allah…you know the rest. The “confessiing church” in Germany:

    Bonhoeffer Speaks Out Against Hitler http://youtu.be/N-hS_90axHg

    is where the Christians were, and most of them were murdered. You know all this, I’m sure. Just putting it out here for any “uninformed” who thought Hitler proclaimed himself a Christian. ahem….HE LIED! Hmmm? Now who else do I know who lies… A LOT?!)

    For a beautiful argument for traditional marriage, see “Because God Is Real: Sixteen Questions, One Answer” by Peter Kreeft. And I don’t mean a defense. He shows the BEAUTY God designed for marriage as it relates to Christ, Mankind, the Church. And it’s all about…love. Man, I can’t explain it. It’s inexpensive. He’s Catholic, and along the way explodes some myths about the Catholic church, and explains “church” a little differently (though not contradictory) than we Baptists or Protestants in general tend to think of church. It’s a beautiful thing. All of his books exuded Christ and love.

    God Bless You, Brother, for the courage to step-up and be hero of the faith, telling the Truth when the Truth is NOT a popular topic. My prayers are with you, as is a HUGE dose of respect.

    John the Baptist (not THAT one), an old white dude…but I’m still hip! Can you dig it? Yes I can!

  • And I would have to also say God blessed us with Alfonzo Rachel.

  • WarDog

    Hey Zo, Your points are always right on target, only one problem, Jonah was in the belly of a great fish, not a whale, sorta like Adam and eve ate a fruit, not an apple.

    • Jamie

      Could’a been a whale… Let’s see, what other fish are big enough to hold a man inside without killing him with digestive juices, & with some breathing room? Hmmm…..maybe… a …shark? Giant Jelly fish? Dolphin?

  • EXCELLENT commentary Zo!

  • Just wanted to add that in the Hebrew-inspired, not Greek, everything written in Greek must be found in the Hebrew Inspired Old Covenant & if you can not prove the Greek terminology in the Hebrew Test it’s WRONG! For instance, for those who except the name “Jesus” as our Savior, it can not be verified in the Hebrew Scriptures. However, if you were to accept the name “Yahshua” as your Savior, meaning in Hebrew that Yahweh means salvation you can verify it because in Hebrew, Yahweh is the Father’s name. Furthermore, as also written in 2 Peter 1:20 all Scriptures “ONLY” must be read through the process of scientific deduction & not through “induction” or ‘we think’ as recorded in 2 Peter 1:20! I’m just saying what’s really written & NOT what people say is written, including the scholars, but is NOT WRITTEN! YES FOLKS, THE WHOLE WORLD REALLY HAS BEEN DECEIVED! Try web-site www:info@icyahweh.org; with Elder Gary Miller & prove me wrong…

  • Jamie

    Al Rachel rocks big time. He defines issues as well or better than anyone on the net – usually better, and with common sense reasoning I rarely see anymore.

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