ZoNation: Oh! You Think They’re Your Kids? ROFLM#!OWPOM

Melissa Harris-Perry thinks that children are a governmental, and not a parental responsibility. Is she right? Find out on this ZoNation

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  • Ash

    When the people belong to the State, that means that the people are the slaves of the State. Once people buy into that thinking, it spells the end of government by, for and of the people. It’s now government by, for, and of the government, which is exactly what the founding fathers warned us of…
    We fought a war to end slavery, and eventually gave civil rights to everyone… The Democrats want to take all that away, and make the people the new slaves…

  • If they really are OUR children then quit performing abortions and let us raise them instead of you killing them…… I bet none of these leftists want us to play that card. But if they want us to raise their kids then we need to stop them from killing “our” children.

  • Parents are ultimately responsible for everything they (their children) do (legally, with regards to damages), and the precedent has been upheld in courts for quite some time. If you are going to have a legal precedence that places parents in this role of responsibility, you cannot then, on the other side of the coin REMOVE the parents responsibility and authority for their upbringing because you do not agree with one or more philosophy passed on by the parent. (in short) If a society holds the parents responsible for the actions of their children, then that society has no moral authority to usurp the the governorship powers of the parents when cultural or philosophical differences arise. And those are just my thoughts on the ‘ethics’ of Harris’s nit-wit statements, if they want a blood-bath, try telling parents their kids belong to everyone. The liberal scourge problem will be solved in a single week….for a decade anyway, cockroaches and liberals seem to be synonymous.

  • Tell it to all the liberal democrats who keep the baby-murdering abortion mills (AKA “Planned Parenthood”) open year after year! Yes, even MORE money is going towards them in the Kenyan’s “budget” plan for this year! How freaking sad is THAT!? 🙁

  • Right on Alfonzo,
    Since you brought up slavery I would like to express something that has been eating at me for a while, well, since the Nobamanation!
    President Lincoln was a republican and he fought to end slavery.

    Martin Luther King Jr was a republican conservative who’s message was to encourage colored people to move on from the past, and he did a lot for equal rights.
    The KKK is a liberal democrapic organization???
    Please help me to wrap my head around all this??? I believe ANY liberal democrap colored person is playing the hypocrite by even mentioning MLK as if they agree with him, or celebrate MLK day!

    This is very nauseating to me. I realize the gops turned their backs on the poor back in the day, BUT! I have spoke to career welfare recipients who told me “I have never worked a day in my life, and I am proud of it. this goes back generations”??? What is up with that?
    Keep it up! I’m sure some are listening.

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