PJTV: Kim Jong Un, Put Down That Nuke Before You Hurt Yourself

FROM PJTV: “AlfonZo Rachel looks at the threatening behavior of North Korea and its leader Kim Jong Un. North Korea has promised to wage nuclear war on the west. Should we take these threats seriously? Find out on this ZoNation.”

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  • Thank you Alfonzo for setting the record straight.

  • OK Alfonzo, don’t go and hurt yourself. I’d miss you 🙁

  • Alfonzo, I found your site and videos from the “Conservative News” app they have for the android and iPhone. Anyway, DUDE!, you’re awesome bro! I cannot believe how you take all this news and just explain it in a way where “libs” would just have to put their foot in their mouths (not like they need help) but your with it bro!!!!, If you are ever in Northern Arizona, Flagstaff area, Tweet me or something, I’d love to hear you speak man!!!! I always check your site for new videos. You need to hook up with Rush, Beck, Levine, or any of those cats who can sponsor a radio show or even hook it up at a major network. We need you to be everywhere bro! The way you speak to your audience can really wake these young “libs” up out of there, “what is this country going to do for me” coma. You know!!! my e-mail is epik022@yahoo.com and @davidhassenflug for my twitter account. Later bra!!!

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