Washington, Boston, and Cuba

FROM PJTV: “AlfonZo Rachel sounds off on the First Lady’s belief that race relations still have a long way to go in this nation. Zo asks what President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama have done for the Black community? From that to the Cowardice of a Boston Bombing, to Jay-Z and Beyonce in Cuba. Zo Touches on ’em all in ZoNation.

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  • koala

    Thank you Zo! You are correct as usual. Some people do go to cuba for other reasons. My old boss went on a fishing trip to Cuba. The fishing is great there! http://cubanfishingcenters.com/

  • Ray wall

    Zo, another great job! It is sad that JZ is so stupid, with the Che Guevara T-shirt on. He could not have made all the wealth that has (500mil.?) being stupid. He proved that he is a racist! Well, he is your friend when money is involved. I’m done rambling. Great Job ZO!!!

  • Che Guevera did express a racist attitude toward blacks when he first came in contact with them during his early twenties. However, his views had changed as he got to know them over the years and he started writing articles repenting for the way he once viewed blacks. He had also joined blacks in their fight against oppression. He, along with Castro, also drove out American businesses who tried to impose racial segregation. Tell the WHOLE story.

    • Actually Marcus if it wasn’t for us on the right people wouldn’t know the “whole story” if it was left up to you left wingers, all we would know about people like Che is that he was this so called freedom fighter. It’s people like you who haven’t told the whole story. Yeah, of course he fought against oppression so he could institute his own with Castro. Also it’s so selective of you left wingers who can forgive the blatant bigotry of left wingers but can’t forgive republicans for whatever so called bigotry they’ve supposedly demonstrated, that pales in comparison to the institutionalized bigotry of democrats. Sure Che fought with blacks when it served his agenda. LBJ passed civil rights because it fit his, as he said I’ll have those n**gers voting democrat for the next 200 years. Marcus, If you were as smart as you think you are, you’d figure out that I’m not going to go back to thinking like people like you, and I’m more affirmed in that every time you follow me around and post.

    • I’m not trying to change you views, draw you into a debate or even get your attention. I’m just posting a counter argument for any third party observer. It’s cool if you respond but not all that important. You’re not the only one either, I do this with Bill Whittle, the “How The World Works” dude and sometimes Michelle Malkin. There’s nothing wrong with challenging conservatives views online, it’s good exercise. As for another point you’ve made, we’ll forgive republicans or their bigotry when they repent as did Che, Robert Byrd and whomever else. That has yet to happen.

    • Let me know when you find those racist Republicans, Marcus, NOT including the ones we threw out (David Duke and Trent Lott to name a couple.) What Zo is saying is true however—none of you liberals would be forgiving of a racist Republican even if they did repent of racist views. I know. I lived in a black liberal community, went to a black church and worked for the Black Caucus. You black liberals would rather lynch a repentant Republican than forgive one. And another thing—Che still thought that blacks were below him even in his articles. He just felt sorry for them, which is just as bad. BTW–name me one prominent black person in either of Castro’s or Che’s regimes.. As a matter of fact, name any prominent black person that was recognized by said red party at any time since it’s inception (Paul Robeson W.E.B Du Bois does not count either.) We republicans had black senators and congressmen a full century before the democrats did. The leftists have NEVER risen to the occasion in recognition of the Black Man unless it fit their agenda. Time and time again we as a people have been bamboozled and hoodwinked into thinking that the Dems are our friends, all the while we let them get away with murder and bigotry right before our eyes.

    • It was around 1961 when Che’s views on Blacks and other issues changed and every article he wrote throughout the 60’s were in support of blacks and their fight against oppression.

    • You still didn’t answer my question, Marcus. Name me ONE prominent BLACK person in Che or Castro’s regimes. Any Black generals? NO. Any Black captains? NO. Any Black lieutenants? NO! Meanwhile it was Republicans that desegregated schools, the Republicans that desegregated the military.My point is this—if the Reds cared SO MUCH about the Black Struggle, why didn’t they merge? Why didn’t they consolidate? Why didn’t they bring us into THEIR fold? There were no written treaties with the Congolese or official alliance with them saying that if the Congolese were ever in trouble Che would send his army to back them up at all costs—you know, kinda like how we as a country back up our Allies today. Besides, that’s kinda moot, for he sure didn’t do anything for the Afro-cubans in his own country. As for fighting against the colonialists, Che saw it as an opportunity to further his Red cause. No more, no less. Oh, and a little trivia for you–If Che cared so much about Black people, why did he still ban the listening and purchasing of the very Black music that gave us the opportunity to visit the world? Jazz was still banned in Cuba by the time of Che’s death.. Just like the white slave masters of old banned us from playing our drums, Che pulled the same crap with our music as they did. So much for the champion of the Black Cause. Pfffft!

    • Racist Republicans? Let’s start with the main one, Rush Limbaugh, Rick Santorum, Tom Tancredo, Ann Coulter, Cal Thomas, Tammy Bruce, Debbie Schulssel just to name a few. Not to mention the black, self-hating Republican who called Obama “Buckwheat” in order to appeal to the Republican “base”.

      Why would Congo have a treaty involving Che when Che was executed long before the Congolese won their independence? That is unless you’re arguing that Che fighting alongside Congolese rebels against the colonialists never took place, i’m not clear as to what you’re arguing. No music was legally banned though American music was collectively shunned except for Jazz which was welcomed and fused into Cuban music creating the Afro-Cuban musical movement.

    • Yeah, that’s why most of the jazz musicians left Cuba and got political asylum HERE, Marcus. Arturo Sandoval ring a bell? Oh, and you can’t name all the “popular” left-wing targets as racist. I’m looking for REAL racist republicans. You know, kind of like my self-hating existence. As for the Congolese, you are right,there’s no way there could’ve been a treaty. but not due to his death but due to the fact that Che’s poor performance and his inability to match the skill of his
      opponents in organization and leadership resulted in a loss of
      credibility and respect on the part of his Simba allies. His rigid
      Marxism and tendency towards autocratic leadership caused the Africans
      to laugh at him and his Cuban subordinates to wonder what they were
      doing embroiled in African tribal warfare. Meaning? He was only in it for himself, just like the left has always done. They never make concessions w/o something for themselves. His “long-haul” warfare was a disaster because all he wanted to do was promote his red ideals, no real shaking of hands if you will, but the shaking of hands with his fingers crossed behind his back.

    • They left Cuba because the embargo left that country out of the world market and led to poverty. The people who left Cuba just felt that a life of comfort was more important while Castro and his loyalist Cuban nationals were willing to accept the the repercussions of not playing ball with U.S. and Western imperialists. It’s much like Zo, Bill Whittle and the rest of the Pajamas TV gang forsaking mainstream success so they can independently represent their ideals. You take the intellectually lazy position of assuming that the U.S. can do no wrong and everybody who differs with the U.S. works for the Devil but it’s a little more complicated than that.

      I don’t just call certain Republicans racists, I have examples and i’ll start with Rush. Rush claimed that 4 black kids beat up a white kid on a bus in the name of Obama. While telling this, Rush did a stereotypically black sounding impression of them saying “right on, ma man, gimme five!” to each other. As it turns out, it was two black kids and two white kids beating up another white kids for reasons unrelated to race. Then you have Rush saying about Obama vs Hillary in the primary “a black guy and a woman? They don’t stand a chance”. Then he refers to the NFL as the crips and the bloods because a couple black jocks act up. The list goes on. How about Newt Gingrich stating the blacks need to demand paychecks and not welfare checks. That’s racist because most blacks aren’t on welfare nor are most welfare recipients black. Pat BuKlanan expressing concern that the increased number of non-whites will lower this country. Tancredo claiming that most of Obama’s voters can’t even speak english…the list goes on. Your ad hoch revisions of Che’s history are getting more ridiculous. Che did all he could for the Congolese by introducing new strategies and information about the colonialists. Che grew tired of all the corruption on the Congo with so many betraying each other that he went on to South America to fight colonialists there. Che was instrumental in getting the Russians to set up missiles in Cuba, he was instrumental in driving us out during the Bay Of Pigs. Che could have used his great influence to his own benefit but he gave it all up to travel the world an offer assistance to anybody fighting colonialism. Whatever you may think of what he did, he obviously wasn’t doing it for self.

    • Dusty

      You are absolutely right on all points. He is determined to be ignorant, live on the Democrat plantation. Maybe he thinks it’s safer since he doesn’t have to think for himself. If Cuba is so great and America so awful he should move to Cuba. Lord I get sick of the Che hero worship. Of course since the schools don’t teach proper history anymore teens where his t-shirt without knowing anything about him. They only hear “freedom fighter” and they think that’s cool.

    • canister

      Marcus, let us assume (however ignorantly) that Che was pro-black. Would you REALLY want to be associated with a murderous maniac? Really? REALLY? This is like astrologers today feeling proud that Hitler used astrology! Think, son! THINK!

    • How was he a murderous maniac?

    • ThomasER916

      “Blind hate against the enemy creates a forceful impulse that cracks the boundaries of natural human limitations, transforming the soldier in an effective, selective and cold killing machine. A people without hate cannot triumph against the adversary.”
      Hatred is good! No longer being a compassionate human being is good! Becoming a killing machine is good! Anyone who disagrees with a Leftist is a “hater”, “racist”, and “bigot.” It’s only when we agree with the Cult of Liberalism that we’re always “good.” Now go out and murder someone for the greater good!

      “A revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate. We must create the pedagogy of the The Wall!”
      The Wall is a reference to the wall where Che’s enemies stood before his firing squads. Yeah, you’re indoctrinated.

      This is where you lie and deny. Go ahead and lie to everyone, especially yourself. We’ll be waiting.

    • Please point out one single thing I said that is false. I’m not giving my opinion, we hear enough opinions, I give facts.

    • canister

      In 1959, Che said, “We’re going to do for blacks exactly what blacks did for the revolution. By which I mean: nothing.” He died in 1967. When did he change his views on blacks? Che was a bloodthirsty psychopath who’d use anyone to get what he wanted. He executed people without first giving them trials. In battle, however, he was a wimp. He USED black people to help carry out his blood lust. You should feel indignant toward, not supportive of, Che Guervara. All this is the tip of the bloody Guevara iceberg. Do your homework, son.

    • He used black people to carry out his blood lust? Describe how he did that please. I know that he fought with the Congolese rebels against the colonialists, is that what you’re referring to? Or maybe you mean the time when he fought alongside Afro-Cuban soldiers against the Bay Of Pigs. What exactly are to referring to? Try using specifics and not generalities.

    • Lana

      Americans, black or white who admire Che are ignorant, if they do know anything about the guy and admire him the they are living in the wrong country

  • Well done and God bless you for being so upfront.

  • I love the messages–keep up the good work

  • Ruby_Con

    Marcus and his loathsome ilk suffer from the same affliction, a self righteous, intellectual superiority complex. Unfortunately there are no med’s for that.

    • No conservative should ever lecture anyone on being self-righteous…ever!

    • Ruby_Con

      Tsk, tsk, tsk, you do know that your med’s need to be taken regularly?? otherwise the delusions will only get worse.

    • ThomasER916

      Says the dim-witted goon who worships mass murder.

    • Who says that I worship the Bush Administration?

  • HisMajestyOKeefe

    Told Jay Z and Beyonce I might forgive them if they sang about the murder of…The Brothers to the Rescue

  • I will give liberals the credit when they bring up the race card but then when you look at the past compared to today their race card argument falls flat on their face. Ask my late parents who had lived during the Jim Crow era.

  • If you don’t believe in divine inspiration after watching Alfonzo Rachel then you are truly blind to what you see. That you can get these points to flow with such clarity time after time is amazing. When I listen to most other speakers, I have this “what they are not saying” monolog that runs parallel to the ‘facts’ I’m hearing. Like: “Half the people in this room are men.” ( Half the people in the room are women.) I try to do that listening to Zo but I have to stop and think hard to refute what he says, and mostly what he says stands on it’s own. His opinions echo my own and his historical facts are not skewed or misrepresented. (at least while they are written down and not subject to ‘big brother’ editing. [1984 ; read it.])

    Thank you for this site. I ‘like’ and share it often.

  • Tina

    Zo, you are awesome and cute.

  • Lana

    Love you Zo, as always articulate and spot on!

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