An Observation on Rand Paul

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    you are so funny, but also so right on spot

  • G-Dub

    Everything you say Alfonzo is right on the mark! I enjoy listening to people that are as articulate as you!

  • Kenny Hall

    Zo, you’re a good man with the right ideas. We need you on conservative radio but you’re needed on liberal radio much more. Of course the libs/dems would Never allow you on the air. Keep up the good fight. Hopefully, the left won’t destroy you for daring not to follow dishonest lib/dem intellectual policy guidelines. It’s surely evident to leftists that ” you don’t know you’re place “. Good luck to you buddy.

  • Saliba

    Super video like always you hit the nail on the head. However, you did miss point. Saying businesses would not be stupid enough to discriminate on race reminded me of Starbucks discriminating against marriage supporters & opening announcing it. Liberals are that stupid & other liberals are stupid to spend money there.

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