Kira Kickin’ It Like Only Kira Can

  • Nice thanks 4 share.

  • Zo. Just subscribed to her You Tube. – Thanks, and Blessings to you Bro.

  • Allen

    Now there’s a message I could have missed. How naive.

    • Justin

      what is so naive about what she said? aleb

  • RT Alamo

    Kick it! I LOVE the liberal contradiction: “People are basically good…if we give them enough rules…” LOLOLOL!
    Now that’s comedy! Or is stupidity. OR is it what they want US to believe, so we will believe “they” are good and making all the “rules” for our own good? That’s what Hitler did, and had the best propagandists in the world, until he didn’t need them anymore. He then showed his true belief: only the people who follow my rules get to live. And that’s what we’re seeing in the US today. Keep kickin’ it. You Rock!

  • Jeff

    This is a foundational truth that can make us all better… we are basically and fundamentally flawed because of our sin nature. ONLY the nature of Christ can save us from ourselves. Believe and receive Christ today.

  • canister

    Any parent will tell you that humans are NOT inherently good; just the opposite. No parent needs to teach their child to be naughty. Watch very young children in the sandbox. You’ll see one steal toys from another then give the victim a nasty, I-dare-you-to-take-it-back look. You’ll see a child clobber another with a toy for no reason. The nicest parents have to teach their babies to be nice. Inherently good? That’s such a naive, even ignorant, view of mankind.

  • notable

    This is so true.. you hear it all the time.. people are all basically good… read posts or comments on U-Tube when people are anonymous, nasty, mean comments even sometimes from people who think and seem nice.. you cross them and watch out….Flies in the face of what we are told.. this is good..

  • lisacollins1997

    “We are all basically bad trying to be basically good.” The truest statement I’ve heard this week.

  • Michelle

    Profound truth that pie-in-the-sky liberals refuse to accept. The sinful nature of mankind is the foundation of all civilization, and is MOST important when considering our system of checks and balances in government. ANYone who attains public office or is otherwise put in a position of power with no accountability, WILL be corrupted. It matters not how good of a life that person lived before. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • She is exactly right! Romans 3:10 as it is written: “None is righteous, no, not one”

  • Thank you Kira, you name it, that is exactly what is wrong with Liberals and I’m afraid, they will never understand.

  • Of course us libs understand the dark side of the human soul. We see it in right wingers all of the time. Kira tries to imply that what happened at the Boston Marathon was a result of liberalism. I’m curious as to how doing things Kira’s way would have prevented Boston. She first sites profiling but she suggests and has always suggested profiling Middle Easterners which wouldn’t apply to the bombers. Profiling is also ineffective because it creates enemies of people who would otherwise be aiding us against terror. Libs understand more than neocons that the easiest and most convenient response is seldom the most effective when it comes to terror. Kira also says that reining in evil, i.e. terror, isn’t accomplished my MORE laws but rather fewer laws and more freedom. She should tell that to her fellow conservatives and the Bush Administration who used 9/11 to implement the Patriot Act and other ADDITIONAL laws asking that we compromise our freedom for the sake of national security. In fact, Kira contradicts that statement with her indictment of TSA practices, forgetting that they are supported more by the right than the left.

    Her statements also conflate terror with government assistance which is so far out there that it needs no rebuttal. I will say that her claim that giving free stuff to people without condition enables laziness is statistically inaccurate. Over 70% of recipients of welfare(WIC, LEAP, SNAP) have jobs and are only on these programs for an average of two years. This is why the left and everybody else outside of the right will never understand, as Jay Indy Kingston puts it. Your claims are not supported by facts, statistics and logic. Oh, and those founding fathers whom you say made laws with God in mind made up the constitution in part as a repudiation to the idea of theocracy.

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