So, A Bomb Goes Off And That’s Cause For More Gun Control?


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  • Alfonzo, you’re missing the point. Logic has no place in the minds of liberals. All crises are opportunities to promote their agenda. Terrorist bombs = gun control. Terrorist bombs = must implement carbon tax. Terrorist bombs = more free abortions.

    • Well, John I wouldn’t say it’s missing the point. We know that logic to a liberal is like sunlight to a vampire, or salt on a snail or even like trying to explain the color blue to a person who’s never had sight. The objective is to reach those who aren’t hard wired liberal and consumed by the dark side.

  • Al… you’re great… I love your videos and I’ve enjoyed seeing your commentaries evolve from home made videos where you sat at your desk to the well produced ones you currently post. Good for you… keep spreading the wisdom and knolwedge….

    • ‘Preciate that, Vito!!! Glad you’ve let me share these works with ya all these years!

  • So good. In fact, so tasty, you just gave me the lids.

  • SandiinMaine

    I love your common sense defense of conservative values, and have joined the fight with you this week as I’ve debated the issue of gun control on several blogs in the wake of the senate vote last week…but can I just say that, as much as I appreciate this video, my favorite part is your imitation of a girl with a tank. 😀 I needed that laugh after a week of battle…thanks!

  • MormonYoYoMan

    Man, am I glad I bought ‘Zo’s book! Not the audio version (With my tinnitus?) but the Nook version. Spread this book all around. Put a strip of duct tape over the title if you take it to church, so you won’t be embarrassed – but GET THIS BOOK.

  • Barrister In KY

    Is “the itis” regional slang? I’ve never heard it before. I’ve always said “food coma” to describe getting sleepy after getting your eat on.
    Thanks for the good work you are doing! Even with my tinnitis (perhaps not as bad as MormonYoYoMan), I bought and loved the audio book.

    My 15-year old son heard the last half of this one, and said “he makes some good points, more people should hear this.”
    Barrister in KY

  • Zoomie72

    Police research indicates 80% of bullets in a firefight misses. So if you have 7 rounds in your magazine 1 is the most hits you’re likely to get. 2 if you have 10 rounds. On top of that those same studies show it takes several hits to stop a criminal. So that 1 hit from your 7 shot magazine, or 2 from your 10 round magazine, may not stop the attack. The police fired 200 rounds to kill Suspect #1, but you just need 7.

  • accitenor

    First time listener and watcher, Alonzo. I really admire your perceptions and your easy presentations. I am Cuban and came to this country in 1961 at the age of 14. I saw Castro’s socialism destroy the future of my country and one of the FIRST things he did was to collect ALL GUNS with a disingenious slogan titled “Armas, ?para que?” (Weapons, what for?) becasue he claimed that now that we were free from Batista’s governmental abuse we did not NEED weaspons of any kind.
    Gess what happened to Freedom?

  • Zee L Usay

    This is all polyester to hide the wool being pulled over your eyes. It was decided in 1939 that military weapons were specifically protected under the second amendment. So the whole argument is moot. Why doesn’t this get used more?

    UNITED STATES v. MILLER, 307 U.S. 174 (1939)

    307 U.S. 174
    MILLER et al.
    No. 696.

    An excerpt from the decision”

    …And further, that ordinarily when called for service these men were
    expected to appear bearing arms supplied by themselves and of the kind
    in common use at the time.

  • Timothy D. Easley

    Not “The Itis”, not “The Lids”… Food Coma!

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