The Mind Molesting of Liberal Professors.

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  • You always hit it right on! Thank you so much for all you do for conservatives!

    • You’re very welcome! Thanks for continuing to check out my work!

  • Lena Sands

    I just sent this to my favorite college professor!

  • Tan

    love your show. But remember, the Republicans are just as ‘bought’ as the Demos.
    It is our globalist, elitist bosses who have bought EVERYONE, that we need to worry about.
    Great show, carry on.

    • Thanks Tan! But remember it’s the republican platform and what it was founded on that I support. Not the people who stray from it or judge it by people who are imperfect, like me.

  • Tan

    Remember: Alan West won’t answer questions on the NDAA- and that’s NOT cool.
    Answer the question, Alan!

    • Actually he has. The problem is that people would rather believe their paranoia about it rather than listen to response he gave.

  • Laurel

    Actually Zo I’m heading to McDonald’s today in honor of David Sirota and his big mouth.

  • Freshman and Sophomore years were rough. I was lucky that I got out of college battling profs and sticking with my beliefs. Keep up the good fight.

  • Mike James

    Right on Alfonzo! Glad you brought up this issue of moderate conservatism. Being “moderate” is exactly what liberals want more of (so they can dominate the political conversations at thanksgiving dinner 😛 )

    Todays youth must especially be aware of all the liberal professors out there that do nothing but spew crap instead of actually teaching. These people don’t deserve to be professors if all they do is impose their self loathing points of view on young people that don’t know any better.

    Alot more young people would be conservatives if they knew what our values actually are, and what we stand for. Unfortunately the media is dominated by the left, so they really don’t know the true difference unless they actually do some research on their own (which I would guess is rare). So I guess that means all conservatives out there speak up and be heard!!

  • Kent

    The dumbing down of America continues into the universities and even our brightest children a susceptible the the mind bending persuasions of their “more Intelligent” professors. As much as I agree with everything you say, I can see that it is only a small bandage applied to the gaping wounds of our wayward society.

    I am glad there is yet still a voice of reason with you and all those on PJTV. Like a breath of fresh air, in this mind eroding noxious gas, spewed out by the zombie media. Keep it going.

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