Obama’s South Of The Border Suck Up Speech

FROM PJTV: “President Obama traveled to Mexico and blamed American guns for drug violence. So why won’t he blame drugs and the people who use them? Find out on this ZoNation as AlfonZo Rachel discusses drugs, immigration and the real causes of gun violence.”

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  • Zo, I just don’t get enough of you. Any chance you could get a half hour or hour on Blaze TV? If you have the time , of course!

    • justdooit

      BLAZE? You want him BANNED FROM ANYTHING for LIFE? BECK is like going BACKWARDS up a CREEK…

    • Tell you what justdooit, watch Beck every day for two weeks than get back to me.

    • justdooit

      If beck is so great, why couldn’t he come through with his sensational story of what he said he’d expose on Benghazzi? Kinda fell flat didn’t it…
      I’d rather watch ZO…

    • Jess James

      CNN doesn’t know who Zo is.

    • justdooit

      Yeppers….Can you imagine CNN having Nugent or Zo as a GUEST? Even Dr. Benjamin…or Krautheimer(sp)??? OR how about Lloyd Marcus?

      As the Nam gooks would say…NEBBA HAPPEN GI…

  • MormonYoYoMan

    I agree! More Zo is more sanity! — However, you may have caused Air1 Radio to change its site and pull the plug on requests. We’ll find out more tonight at 7 pm.

  • Jess James

    Maybe Barry can move down to Mexico and be their President.

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