JoeDan: “This is Not a Test” Intellectual Froglegs #28

Obama’s fundamental transformation of America, aka the ‘destruction of America’ is continuing at ‘break-neck’ speed. Of course, this would not be possible were it not for a media that serves as both accomplice and press secretary.

Food-stamp participation is up 70%, this is more than ten times the rate of job growth. And rather than attempt to get more folks OFF foodstamps and reduce the massive burden on taxpayers. Obama’s USDA is actually advertising for more to sign up….even in Mexico.

Obama-Care, which is officially called “The Affordable Care Act” is neither affordable, nor does it promote health care. Premiums are skyrocketing… more and more people, like yours truly… cannot afford it, but the main concern in DC is having enough IRS agents to enforce.

And as has become common place, Christians like Tim Tebow continue to be despised and beat up by an irrationally hostile press corps…. They are likely upset that Christian don’t steal from the children that are lucky enough to survive the left’s Billion Dollar Plus Abortion Industry.

Don Rickles reminds us that its okay to ‘poke fun’ and laugh at each other…as long as it’s not mean-spirited. Aquaman was one of the worst superheros ever…

The last piece of chicken was originally told by Jerry Clower.

Tunage from Dire Straits, Chet Atkins, Led Zeppelin, The Cars and more….



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