If Only Charles Ramsey Were Secretary of State, Not Hillary Clinton

FROM PJTV: “Charles Ramsey earned national fame for answering Amanda Berry’s call for help. AlfonZo Rachel wonders why the Obama Administration did not answer Ambassador Chris Stevens call.”

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  • Glennis Wilson-Kutchey

    Keep it up Alfonso! LOOOOVE YOIR POST!

  • 3ric

    NIce Sho Nuff

  • Masterful linkage, sir! Bringing what Carney was calling “old news” right back into the zeitgeist. I will do my part to re-post this continually and nuke the narrative of the soulless political animals in the WH and the State Department.
    Indeed the analogy fits well when you consider the Cleveland PD ignored all the red flags neighbors were reporting (“Um, I don’t wanna sound judgmental about the lifestyle of Senor Castro, but I’m a little disturbed about seeing women on leashes in the back yard and would suggest that bringing a cruiser round and doing a little door-knocking just might be appropriate.”) even as SOS Clinton not only denied ignored consulate security requests but seemed comfortable with the fact that the hired detail was waving the black flag of al-Qaida. Then come September 11, round supper time in DC, no attempt was made by POTUS to perhaps move the meal into The Situation Room let alone interrupt it–heck, maybe even order in some McDonald’s since FLOTUS wouldn’t be round with her disapproving glare–before giving (at least 2!) stand-down orders to preserve the appearance (at least for the few weeks before the Nobel winner’s re-election) that all was just fine for minority diplomats (and their gay boss) in post-Qadhaffi Libyan neighborhoods.

  • Keep up the good work holla at me I wrote another song called …… so holla. Vlbwell@yahoo.com

  • washington types will always lie because now it is second nature to them, and if you say something often enough it will be believed as truth. hitler did this too obama takes his plays from hitlers playbook check out the similiarities.zo i am a born again christian and it doesnt say in the bible that after being born again i will be perfect, it does say that the believers who have been truly born again will be perfect in heaven but not while we are here on earth. i tried preaching my first sermon on viewing others as God views us or as close as possible on a daily basis this wasnt recieved well,but it is possible.i am really proud that this guy had a major hand in saving these three very abused women. i dont care if he was polka dotted purple i thank God for him. then he had commpassion and told the cops/media to give any and all rewad money to the women, compassion shines there my friend.even the cops knew about them before this and wouldnt believe it true enough to investgate.probally thought the witness was on drugs or something.keep up the good work zo you do and are making a differance.God bless you in your ministries and work.ty

  • Gregoryno6

    Well said.

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