Col. ALLEN WEST: The Duplicitous Hypocrisy: Don’t Fight the Left with Fairness

FROM PJTV: “Col. Allen West has firsthand experience fighting with the left, especially on issues like race. The left has subjected Col. West to horrible libels over the years, but he has resolved to keep fighting for his values. Hear how he does it, and how you can too.”

  • You say “don’t fight the left with fairness,” but I disagree. After decades of disgusting hypocrisy, slander, and collusion with the media, it is PERFECTLY fair to go after the left with both (figurative) barrels, kicking down every sanctimonious objection they raise, and calling every one of their sycophantic goons on the carpet, without an ounce of remorse, with only honesty to hold us back from being even more brutal.

    This may seem like a matter of semantics, as far as its distinction from what you wrote, but it’s not. The important thing is for us to lose our attraction to some mythical, arbitrary “higher ground.” When we roll up our sleeves and wade into political battle, we are now “lowering ourselves;” we are finally having the courage of our convictions to fight tooth and nail for what matters to us.

    Anything less is cowardice… and there’s no “higher ground” there.

  • SandiinMaine

    Hi Zo,

    I know this is off-topic, but I just found a website called Weasel Zippers that had a post about the NAACP Chairman saying the IRS’s actions were legitimate, when he considered them anything but that when it was the NAACP being targeted during the Bush administration. You can see a snippet of his statements here:

    My question is, do you think the Tea Party is racist? I’ve seen several statements that imply they admit to being racists, but I haven’t found any statements in that regard from them.

    What do you think about Mr. Bond’s statement?

  • SandiinMaine

    Okay, so now I’ve watched the video and I want to thank you for posting this powerful, reasonable and articulate piece of wisdom. I’ve often wondered how in the world the left gets to own the moniker of tolerance when they are anything but. I don’t want to be ugly and hateful, but I’m tired of their collective superiority complex. What do you suggest we do?

  • Nisan5702

    His credibility is honored in not going against the US Constitution and aspiring to be President of the USA. He is NOT born in America or of American parents. That is his honor to be ONE of us and know your limits. Obama is a fake citizenship President and has threatened the veracity of the Constitution.

  • Virginia Qureshi


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