Gettin’ Done Dirty By The IRS

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  • Sarabarasara

    Another great clip. Thank you for being a fair, sane and levelheaded voice out there, Zonation!

    • Zo

      Thanks for watching, Sara!

  • Jim Quinn

    Great as usual…

  • Tiffini

    great job, I’ve been sharing these with my 18 year old son and he’s finally starting to see what I’ve been saying along. Thank You, AlfonZo for helping us reach the youth.

  • GREAT!

  • SandiinMaine

    I had a conversation last week with someone who years ago had looked into joining a group that was working to abolish the 16th amendment. After researching it, he decided that with a country as large as ours, there was no way the government could be run without a reliable source of revenue such as income tax (and sales tax just isn’t reliable enough). If he was wrong, how would this actually work?

    • Zo

      Yup, I’d say he’s wrong on this one. What is all this money for that government wouldn’t have enough of? I’ll bet ya it’s for stuff the government’s not supposed to be spending money on. The government will never have enough money to satisfy what too many people think their supposed to get from the government because the government isn’t supposed to be doing that anyway. If the government spent the money the way they’re supposed to, they’d have plenty with the sales tax.

    • SandiinMaine

      Outside of a catastrophe, it doesn’t seem likely this will ever happen. Who in the world could convince people to give up their government benefits? I don’t think even Obama in 2008 could have pulled that off.

    • 0bama not only couldn’t, he wouldn’t: that’s how he won!

      Case in point: today’s head-lines & valerie jarret’s quotes.

  • Jim

    A flat tax, with no deductions, treats everyone equally! But the real fight is still reigning in spending. If it’s not in Article 1 Section 8, the Enumerated Powers, they(the Fed) have no legal authority to spend money on it!

  • You always make so much sense. I share all your vids on fb. Hopefully I can get through at one of my progressive friends.

  • TJJ

    New fan, thanks!

  • Claire Lichter

    Love all of your stuff.

  • harvey

    Thank you, Alfonzo.

  • James LaGasse

    Is the IRS this administrations Gestapo?

  • I dig the Metalocalypse reference.


    You have seriously put into words so many of the thoughts I’ve been having (mine tend to be reckless and disorganized), while yours are, as always, so eloquently put. I wish more people would listen to you…

  • Jess

    I fugging love you!

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