From JoeDan: ‘Jail to the Chief’ Intellectual Froglegs #29



  • coastx

    Obama is beyond Marxism. HCR, Gun Control, Amnesty and Common Core are Sharia.

    One can accurately predict Holder weaponized US mosques, and the entire democratic party has proven itself complicit to this end.

    No one talks about the BOSS, America “idiotized” on inverse morality all the while the little patriotic side shows are starting to fade and the US looking like some strange beast that spends the day chasing it’s own tail.

    THEY have the world’s most powerful technology, FUNVAC and an army of ego aggrandizing pervert police. “Patriot” Americans have Ronald McDonald, Margaret Sanger and Miley Cyrus. Figure if Americans ever let go of the debauch bait that’s been laid to trap them they MIGHT just run THEM out of business.

    America’s a raccoon culture. Folks have a grip on a quarter through a small hole in the tin can nailed to a tree. It’s kind of a funk in the evolutionary process to be a trade commodity but this seems to be what people want. Raccoon hats with a little Marxist star on them may just become Sharia vogue with that little tail chasing beast out of the way so Team Obama can Party!

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