The Implications Of Cloning

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  • Aaron


    I love your videos, but with Jesus there was nothing to find. Remember the resurrection was of the body. Jesus took his body with him. Moses’s body could be found potentially, but I think you know a cloned Moses ain’t Moses.

    Valuing knowledge over life is a pretty common sin, I hadn’t really thought about. Keep up the good fight.

    • Zo

      Thanks Aaron! And also I’m well aware that The whole body of Jesus was takin’. and yes I’m well aware that a cloned Moses, ain’t Moses. And a golden calf isn’t a god, but one was made anyway. Even when the real God was among them. So the possibility of an attempt to clone Moses is not at all far fetched.

  • Tracy Helpenstill

    You make too much sense. Keep up the good work.

  • Laurel

    I would love to hear what Zo has to say on euthanasia.

    P.S. Your book is excellent!

  • Jim Bland

    Alfonzo, you are such an elegant, yet practical, speaker. It is a pity your messages don’t reach more people. Who knows? Maybe your voice will fall upon the “right” ears and you’ll get your own segment on Fox. It would be a significant improvement over much of their offerings. Thank you for all the work you do.

    • Chad

      Zo turned down an offer to work at FOX quite some time ago. He does appear as a guest from time to time on FOX shows though.

    • Zo

      ‘Preciate that, Jim!


    Zoey, you are a great thinker. There must be some Greek in you.Great job!


    Sorry, I meant Zo, not Zoey. Zoey is my cat.

  • Arch Deacon

    Cloning… That explains Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes…

  • Rasul

    that comment of valuing knowledge over life was golden. Love the stuff you put out. Amen.

  • Dr_B_PhD

    While I mostly agree with other points you make, I disagree with you position of an embryo or zygote being a person. The cells used in stem cell research are undifferentiated meaning they are a blank slate with the potential to become a fully formed human. They cannot possibly have the rights for a person because they are not sentient like a person is. They have no awareness of self or their environment as a person would exhibit. At that early of a stage they only are governed by their genetic code. If we actually began to recognize embryos as people, then these embryos would have the same rights as children. Therefore, as an example if a woman drinks or smokes and does not realize she is pregnant. Should she be charged with child endangerment or giving alcohol to a minor? This same scenario happened with my wife when she was pregnant with my son. We went to my step sisters wedding and she got rather tipsy. However, neither she nor I knew see was about 6 weeks pregnant (we did not find out she was pregnant until about 3 weeks later.) My point is that, like you said in your video, embryos are potential humans. The key word there is potential. If I have a chicken that laid 6 eggs during the week I don’t necessarily have 7 chickens.

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