Pat Robertson, The Love Doctor Gives Libs A Rash

FROM PJTV: “Pat Robertson addressed the issue of infidelity on, and told a viewer to stop obsessing about her husband’s infidelity. Robertson also seemed to argue that men are powerless to resist sexual temptation. AlfonZo Rachel thinks that Robertson is wrong. Hear why on this ZoNation.”

Also, I’m not encouraging divorce. I’m saying adultery is grounds for it. If your spouse steps out on you, then the Bible places provisions on that. However God is a God of restoration. If a couple chooses to work it out then lean on God to do so, but the one cheated on is within their rights to divorce, yet still lean on the Lord to help forgive.

Some have reprimanded me citing scripture saying, “What God joins together let no man separate.”

To which I say, “Look at it closely. It says “let no man separate” not “no man can separate”. By your interpretation man has no free will. If man could not separate what God put together, then mankind would not even be able to separate their attention from their spouse in the 1st place and cheat, but we have that ability, God gives us the free will to “let” something He put together be separated, but it’s very unwise to separate from the will of God and what He puts together, but we can.” -Zo

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  • Bryan Lyman

    I could not agree with you more Zo. The reason why she is having a hard time forgiving her husband is because there is a reason Christ compared adultery to murder. When you cheat on your spouse, you have murdered the image of the loyal person she believed you where when she married you. Murder is a hard thing to get over. Betrayal is also one of the worst acts a person can commit; why else do we so villainize Judas? I believe that people make serious mistakes and that not always should you divorce, but that is between a husband and wife to decide if not only can they love each other again, but can they rebuild a trust that has been completely destroyed. If it can’t be fixed, then they should find someone who they really can trust. Cheaters often cheat because they believe they can’t trust the one they are with, justifying that they will cheat on their spouse before they get cheated on first. If your trust and communication are that weak, you probably shouldn’t be married in the first place. If you don’t want to be a murdering betrayer, talk to your spouse and make sure you both have a relationship of trust. If you can’t even get along before someone cheats, then get the heck out of dodge before it happens. I am not advocating divorce, I am just saying, grow-up and be the person you agreed to be when you made your marriage vows in the first place. Cheating is a selfish/childish act, focused on your own wants and desires and forgetting the promises and heart of the one you vowed to protect and cherish.

    • Holy cow, bro Zo– How’d you miss this one? You seldom do. Yeah, some stuff ol Pat has spewed is weird, but most he’s been soundly Biblical.
      You’re dissin him for nothing this time! Check it: The cheater’s repented, the couple’s gettin counsel, the wounded wife can’t forgive. Pat’s giving her good advice! Not to whitewash her mate’s betrayal, but to COVER her brother’s sin! To focus on any good God’s done in her man or their marriage. To show some mercy! Cmon! How would we counsel them? True, we’d lay on the dude all we could about repentance, purity & brokenness. But what would we tell her? We’d tell em both to bring their own pile of sin & weakness to the cross & meet there again, as 2 blood-washed sinners. And watch Grace work. Pat’s word didn’t need to be blasted- just expanded. Let 2 or 3 prophets speak— & you may get God’s full counsel!

  • CricketBug

    I totally agree with you Zo. If both spouses want to work it out, I know that is what the Lord prefers. You can work out a situation like that, though it’s not easy. But if the cheater is going to keep cheating and keep damaging the relationship, then the innocent spouse has Biblical grounds for a divorce. God doesn’t like divorce, but He also doesn’t like adultery.

  • Laurel

    Pat sounds eerily reminiscent of another religion…and I wonder how many times he cheated on his wife now since he made excuses for the man in that marriage.

    Well said Zo!

  • MaMa1

    The way I see it, the one who cheated has already separated.

  • MAC

    Zo my man, I am with you like 99.99% of the time but I think you missed Robertson’s point by a mile on this one. First of all keep in mind that he was responding to one individual. It’s true that adultery is on the top ten list and a justifiable cause for divorce. But that’s not what this woman wanted. In her own words she wanted to put the indiscretion behind her and go on with their lives. So his advice was about how to accomplish just that. Having her focus on his good qualities in no way erased what he did but gave her heart something else to feel besides betrayal. Also the assumption is that the cheating is in the past so he was in no way saying being a good provider, father, etc. gave him a license to continue

  • Tom

    Awesome commentary Zo! My experience is that church leaders and elders by their qualifications (leader of household, husband of one wife, etc.) tend to be REALLY bad dealing with the aftermath and feelings of adultery – they tend to get impatient with the people (come on sis, let go and let God!). Sounds like the woman wants to make it work, but she is still very hurt (which will take years to get over not weeks). That is the effect of the sin of adultery on a marriage: the disintegration of trust and pain of betrayal. I think what Robertson was trying to do was to get her to focus on the future and not on the past, but it was hard to hear that message because he was chewing on his wing-tips when he said it. Better advice? Be patient and pray to God for His spirit and a pure heart. Thanks Zo!

    • Dan

      I agree. I don’t think Pat was saying to just get over it because men will be “dawgs”. He was giving her advice to not focus on the negative, to work on in herself forgivness toward him and at the same time find strength to stay in the relationship by also seeing his good too. Now he’s a complete buffoon for saying “he’s just a man”. But he also has a great point with our current culture. Zo, yes adultery and sexual temptation has been around forever since the beginning of sin, but never has there been such a time where men have had to face a greater number of sources of temptation. Billboards, walking to work down the street past magazine carts and book stores, television commercials and so on. Men can be blind sided no matter where they are and have much more to fight off. Never have we had to have our guards up more. Our culture is innundated with sexuality. This does not give excuses for adultery. Our culture does make purity extremely difficult to obtain. Divorce is permissable in cases of adultery, but never forget that Christ would rather have redemption and sanctification of the marriage after than divorce. I think Pat would have been wiser to say that forgivness is a process of doing it every moment in every day and for her to learn to forgive and to trust her husband will take a long time, but that she can help herself by also focusing on what she knows to be good in him and to not focus on his adultery. That takes trusting in a good God. Pat is just an old man from a time where the woman was the homemaker and the man was the bread winner. His point was lost in his presentation.

  • David

    I don’t think that Pat is making excuses. I think What he is saying is the she shouldn’t let the unrighteousness in someone else provoke unrighteousness in her. Then Satan wins…he destroyed them both. We are already forgiven through his blood…..His grace is enough for her. The problem she describes is unforgiveness…….not a cheating husband. But the Good News is that the same blood is payment for both sins. Forgive seven times seventy times and give no place for the devil.

  • valkry01

    Zo, I can appreciate your viewpoint. I feel that Pat (as usual) had a difficult time getting the greater point across. God has ordained the institution of marriage…between one man and one woman. This institution breeds positive (or negative) influences on the culture. The act of forgiveness is incumbent upon the transgressee, not the transgressor – Matthew 6:9. The influence that this act of forgiveness has upon the culture is miraculous – “Then the Lord said to me, ‘Go and love your wife again, even though she commits adultery with another lover. This will illustrate that the Lord still loves Israel, even though the people have turned to other gods and love to worship them.'” Hosea 3:1 NLT. This sacrifice of forgiveness by the transgressee is not a reward for the adulterous spouse, but the obedience of a servant of Christ. This gesture of obedience restores the family and strengthens the culture. God has promised that, “you can be sure that whoever brings the sinner back will save that person from death and bring about the forgiveness of many sins.” James 5:20 NLT. The forgiving wife will surely be blessed..

  • Virginia Qureshi


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