Defending Against Those Drunk on The Hater-Ade

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  • Auntie_Social

    Hey, Zo! Don’t be lumping all us libertarians as putting you down for your faith. There are a lot of us libertarians who are also Christians. The two are not mutually exclusive, if you really pay attention to it.

    • Zo

      I call it like I see it. And instead of reprimanding me why not make an article or something and take that up with the libertarians who do put down the faith. I wouldn’t say it, if it didn’t happen, and 9 times out of 10 libertarians contract me with contention, and they did this long before I’ve ever said anything about them.

  • Jake95

    Hey Zoe, I’m an atheist conservative and have no problem with your faith, how you preach about faith or anybody else’s faith. I enjoy your segments and agree with 98% of your views. A lot of my atheist friends feel the same way. I’m sorry you get so much hate from my kind, just know its not all of us. This is what I love about our free country, we can choose or are supposed to be able to choose what we believe in freely. Keep fighting the fight.

    • Zo

      ‘Preciate that, Jake!

  • trish

    One of your best so far 🙂

    • Zo

      Thank you!

  • Kevin

    So you are one of my favorite conservatives. I like how you call it like you see it and use things called facts and truth.

    • Zo

      Thanks, Kevin!

  • Zo! The 1st amendment is ALL about religion. What do you do at church? Meet! Speak! Read! Publish! The freedom of the press, to assemble, think, teach, etc. belongs after the freedom of religion because it’s part of religion.

  • Glennis Wilson-Kutchey

    Alfonzo that was the best one yet!!!! Why don’t they get it? Every single word you said was spot on! KEEP IT UP!!!!

    • Zo

      Thank you!

  • Yes, I do believe this is your best one yet. The analogy with Mary and judas was like light bulb moment . I will definitely use that in discussion with my haterade friends.

  • Albert Kozusko

    As a first time poster, I just wanted to let you know that I am proud to be a citizen in the ZoNation. Thanks for telling it like it is. Covered by the Macho Sauce. Please get 20lb.Sledge out to Ohio. Prayers from mine to yours. God Bless Brother!

  • rick0857

    Zo, I’ve been watching your video’s for about four years now and haven’t missed a single one. I’ve got to say I think you have out done yourself with this one. It is by far the best I can remember. I can’t say it’s the best of all time, not without going back and watching all of them in succession. But this was a great vid, as always, keep up the good work you do. We desperately need you now Brother.

  • Alex

    I like this so much I wish I could post it with banners, flairs, and those crazy inflatable arm waving tube men.

    • Guest

      also, a coincidence I opened my bible to a random page yesterday and began to read about a women who poured fine oils on Jesus head. Similar objections where made.

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